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Health Behaviour Change

This page shows the latest Health Behaviour Change news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Innovating patient care

Innovating patient care

Voice pattern recognition, face recognition and artificial intelligence will allow the likes of Amazon Echo and your video GP to detect a change in your health early enough to intervene with ... On the back of this, we have just launched a new weight

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  • Behaviour change that inspires healthy decisions Behaviour change that inspires healthy decisions

    Push. Nudge. Carrot. Stick. Talk of behaviour change is rife at the moment, and nowhere is this more pertinent than in health.  . ... The Behaviour Change Wheel itself was developed from 19 frameworks of behaviour change identified in a systematic

  • Making a list and checking it twice… Making a list and checking it twice…

    The promise of mobile health lies not in recording information but in promoting behaviour change. ... Hang on tight. The promise of mobile health lies not in recording information but in promoting behaviour change.

  • Health apps won't change behaviour, says professor Health apps won't change behaviour, says professor

    New health applications for smartphones can be useful tools - but their use and outcomes are not guarantors of healthier behaviour, according to a new report in The BMJ. . ... But despite no evidence of harm, there still may be drawbacks of using health

  • Ogilvy CommonHealth releases pharmacy report Ogilvy CommonHealth releases pharmacy report

    As the healthcare professional that is often closest to the public, their recommendations and advice have the power to truly change health behavior on a daily basis. ... Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide is the health behaviour change specialist of Ogilvy

  • Delivering 'beyond the pill' Delivering 'beyond the pill'

    To have real behaviour change you need to understand three basic things about your patient:. ... Correctly adhering to a medication (or indeed any health-based lifestyle change) is an intentional behaviour.

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    based framework to identify current behaviour barriers and diagnose the creative interventions that will ensure its integrated programmes have impact with audiences and drive behaviour change in health. ... Stuart Hehir continues, “More than any sector,

  • What pharma marketers can learn from behavioural science

    insight that’s needed to encourage behaviour change in HCPs and conversely, patients. ... All too often, behaviour change interventions are ignored or passed over by the very people who need them most.

  • Health knowledge: Why is it so important?

    Clearly, health knowledge is not enough to effect behaviour change.  . Most of the behaviours that harm health are, in some ways, the very behaviours that give pleasure. ... Research into how conflicting health beliefs and health rationalisations impact

  • Does a lack of understanding of human behaviour affect healthcare?

    If a specified change in behaviour is particularly challenging, we may go part way towards meeting it, which in terms of health outcomes may not be far enough. ... By recognising that many health decisions are environment based, and largely subconscious

  • How to measure health behaviour change programmes

    Creating health intervention programmes based on outcomes rather than processes provides new ways of measuring health behaviour change.  . ... Many of the methods in use today for measuring health behaviour change lead to confusing, sometimes

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Company founder Neil Kendle was a pioneer in opinion leader engagement. In 2003, Neil brought together a small, dedicated team...

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