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How Are You

This page shows the latest How Are You news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Pharma Brand Planners' Blog (Part 6)

Once you have a clear set of objectives, you can then create a set of strategic KPIs aligned to each objective, to give you feedback over time on how you are ... If you can answer yes to these five questions, you are in good shape!

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  • Pharma Brand Planners' Blog (Part 4) Pharma Brand Planners' Blog (Part 4)

    5. Have you checked that you are delivering interesting and engaging experiences to your customers vs a push-message approach? ... If you had another 10% what would you do? How are you leveraging synergies with other brands in your company?

  • Pharma Brand Planners’ Blog (Part 2) Pharma Brand Planners’ Blog (Part 2)

    If you are not doing well, how could you do better? ... what is happening in your market and that you are going to use in your brand plan?

  • Behaviour change needs a quantified approach Behaviour change needs a quantified approach

    And you can analyse the incentives and barriers to change within each stage and how effective you are in navigating them. ... Bringing in the trans-theoretical model means we can get a more granular view on how behaviours are actually changing.

  • Health board game developed to educate the young Health board game developed to educate the young

    Scenario and question cards are used to stimulate discussion and debate among the players, developing valuable insights into how food affects physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. ... health. Sample questions include 'True or false: Healthy foods are

  • Marketing to health-conscious ‘millennials’ Marketing to health-conscious ‘millennials’

    hearted quizzes on social media can tell you just how millennial you really are, based on shared cultural inputs and proclivities. ... In the survey, 71% said they are doing everything they can to stay healthy.

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Latest Intelligence

  • Leave or remain? Winning the employee referendum Leave or remain? Winning the employee referendum

    So how can you avoid it? Here are six simple suggestions that might make your best employees less likely to leave. ... Employees are motivated by a clear sense of purpose – an understanding of their company’s shared goal and how they contribute to it.

  • Advancing women in healthcare Advancing women in healthcare

    Then one day she said to me: how much longer are you planning to let me take advantage of you? ... But if you can be yourself at work, people can see you are authentic and trust in your leadership.”.

  • The playbook of a ‘reluctant creative’ The playbook of a ‘reluctant creative’

    If you are agonising over how your creative idea fits in, then you may be looking at it wrong. ... What is success? If like many you are more of an implementer than a starter, the delivery of what you dreamt up will bring the real delight.

  • Rules of engagement Rules of engagement

    Also look at other content influencers like nurses and pharmacists. 3.Take a look at your customer segment engagement:How are you engaging now and is that being effective? ... Get the raw feedback from the patient groups, physician groups, etc to see how

  • Shaping healthcare Shaping healthcare

    Do you know how the rebates are currently used and where they end up? ... Coming back to value, how do  you measure Bayer’s impact on the healthcare system and on patients in the UK?

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  • The emotive engagement gallery opens its doors for the first time

    snacks.   . Lizzie Nayman,  Deputy Managing Director  said: “it was lovely to see our work from last year on the walls, as it’s not often you are able to take stock ... As the agency continues going from strength to strength, the team are now

  • Language barriers: Obesity has become a loaded word

    Understanding the audience. For any campaign addressing obesity to be effective, the first thing to remember is who you are actually talking to. ... feel that saying ‘obesity is bad for your health’ is the same as saying ‘if you are obese you are

  • Launch Excellence 2020

    In this publication, we help you answer the following questions:. Are you prepared for a successful launch? ... How can you use insights to understand customers decision-making behaviour? What are you missing in your CAR-T service launch?

  • How ready are you for launch?

    Pharmaceutical launches are becoming more complex and competitive. Our launch excellence diagnostic tool helps you to map how ready you are for launch, while facilitating success in this challenging environment. ... Key success factors are identified

  • Spotlight interview: 15 minutes on healthcare advertising

    This leads to more granular targeting. We know more about how people think, where they are, what they value and what they don’t. ... The ads that are served to you are different to the ones served to me; the way they would be communicated to you are

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