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This page shows the latest Ideas news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Speed kills

Speed kills

at the idea that speed is to blame.

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  • Socially distanced strategising Socially distanced strategising

    How often do you bite your tongue because you are afraid to share a half-formed idea? ... But, managed correctly, introverts can think clearly in isolation and then bring their valuable ideas to meetings.

  • Roche’s Actemra fails in late-stage severe COVID-19 study Roche’s Actemra fails in late-stage severe COVID-19 study

    The theory behind testing Actemra in this patient setting is based on the idea that its anti-inflammatory properties could counteract the overactive inflammatory responses observed in the lungs of critically

  • Mearns & Pike, Electric Putty and Evoke KYNE make a clean sweep at Communiqué 2020 Mearns & Pike, Electric Putty and Evoke KYNE make a clean sweep at Communiqué 2020

    This campaign targeted signage on accessible toilets across the UK that shows a person in a wheelchair, perpetuating the idea that the toilets are only for use by those with visible

  • We've got this! We've got this!

    As usual, my reasoning is based on Darwin’s brilliant idea and, if you will follow my argument for few minutes, I hope you will share my sunny outlook. ... We are naturally unsettled by the idea that many of the things we’re used to doing, and have

  • Evolving at home Evolving at home

    But Darwin’s wonderfully ubiquitous idea applies just as well to understanding smaller changes.

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The Porterhouse Medical Group provides powerful, insight-driven, scientific and medical communication services to the pharmaceutical industry across the globe, with...

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Improve clinical trials through patient journey mapping
Could patient journey mapping be your solution to improving clinical study recruitment and retention? While awareness of clinical studies is low across the population, it’s not the only issue. It’s...
InSite Mapping™ - a Novel Tool for Insight-gathering and Patient Journey Mapping
Learn how a client engaged 18 rheumatologist advisors over 6 months to create a patient journey map for SLE....
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much
Collaboration is at the heart of successful patient engagement and effective healthcare provision. But in such a complex, nuanced network, true collaborations are rare. So how can we, as an...