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This page shows the latest iPhone news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

It’s only money

It’s only money

It’ s only money. Pricing and penalties. Apple is slowing down iPhones.

Latest news

  • The EarthWorks wins PMEA Support Agency of the Year The EarthWorks wins PMEA Support Agency of the Year

    The MyAsthma iPhone app is GSK’s first Class 1 medical device that allows patients to track their attacks, medication use and store their peak flow or spirometry readings and share

  • Novartis trial marks ResearchKit first in MS Novartis trial marks ResearchKit first in MS

    The US mobile-enabled study uses a free-to-download iPhone app that was built on Apple’s ResearchKit platform, software that’s already in use at companies such as GlaxoSmithKline ... The study is only open to adults in the US that own an iPhone (4s

  • Healthcare in the digital age Healthcare in the digital age

    That’s what hospitals and patients asked for.”. Ultimately, Kimpen says, harnessing digital technology to improve health outcomes is inevitable, driven by patients behaving like consumers, the ‘post-iPhone’acceleration of

  • Pfizer launches antibiotic resistance surveillance website Pfizer launches antibiotic resistance surveillance website

    It’s available online as a stand-alone website and also as a mobile app – albeit so far only in an iPhone version – and covers more than 60 countries.

  • NIHR to pilot ResearchKit app NIHR to pilot ResearchKit app

    Partnering with digital firm Tigerspike, the NIHR’s pilot programme will see them build a ResearchKit-based iPhone app for medical researchers.

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Latest Intelligence

  • Coming to an understanding Coming to an understanding

    When the first iPhone was launched, the CEO of Nokia said it was a nice thing but the peak sales they were targeting were only equivalent to Nokia's weekly production - ... five years later Nokia was done because the iPhone hit a need that the customer

  • Stories that can save lives Stories that can save lives

    Instead of listing off the iPhone's amazing features, he wove together a narrative of how Apple was reinventing the phone.

  • Wearables: the tangible product of the patient revolution Wearables: the tangible product of the patient revolution

    and was released in September last year with its new iPhone 6 range. ... Apple will also use a cross-platform approach and use separate devices made by other companies that will allow the iPhone to also gather information.

  • Big Data – the next big thing Big Data – the next big thing

    Imagine the scenario where your after-dinner nap gets interrupted by your favourite iPhone ringtone just to hear the pre-recorded voice of Scarlett Johansson (did I mention the movie 'Her'

  • Going the distance Going the distance

    The analogy I very often use is that if you want your blood glucose monitor to seamlessly interface with your Apple iPhone, we're not going to develop an iPhone. ... But we need to have enough people in-house who understand what it means to connect with

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Latest from PMHub

  • Healthcare in the Digital Age

    There is obviously a spectrum of technology take-up, but healthcare has been one of the most enthusiastic professions to adopt the iPhone.Exclusive research by M3 – detailed in “ An inside

  • Digital Health: Comparing Apples & Googles

    Individuals who own an iPhone can use ResearchKit to participate in medical studies and submit their data to researchers. ... However, users maintain control over how much information is shared – researchers can only access the data that is selectively

  • Does wearable technology really have the potential to enhance modern healthcare?

    Data generated by an inhaler strap and mobile spirometer is synced with and collated by an iPhone app and relayed to the patient’ s healthcare provider. ... ResearchKit, another platform developed by Apple, brings benefit to another sector of the

  • CES 2017 – Medical Device Top Picks

    The company’ s digital-first stance offers direct streaming from iPhone, iPad and iPod.

  • Getting personal with wearable tech

    Interestingly in July 2016, GlaxoSmithKline launched a rheumatoid arthritis study, called PARADE, and an iPhone app using Apple's ResearchKit, demonstrating the first time a drugmaker has used the open source

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