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life expectancy

This page shows the latest life expectancy news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

ACT immunotherapy cures terminal breast cancer patient

ACT immunotherapy cures terminal breast cancer patient

Now, after an infusion of billions of cancer-killing immune cells, and having been given a life expectancy of just a few months, there is no sign of cancer in her

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  • The true potential of mobile health tech The true potential of mobile health tech

    So, if life expectancy and health behaviour are directly correlated,. it should follow that if we can create an environment where people are more active within their health,. ... we can influence their health-related quality of life at a population level.

  • Is AI changing the future of healthcare? Is AI changing the future of healthcare?

    Life expectancy around the globe continues to rise and so the need for new treatments and a greater understanding of what’s happening in our societies health-wise is at an ... For example, an AI programme named Woebot has been created to act like an

  • The real-world data conundrum The real-world data conundrum

    This change is affecting all stakeholders. From a drug development perspective, a new data science is driving a paradigm shift in the product life cycle. ... Is this realistic? Or rather, is this within our grasp? The high levels of innovation understood

  • A healthy challenge A healthy challenge

    There are further stark gaps in life expectancy between the least and most educated, and the poorest and richest, says the report. ... On average across EU countries, the life expectancy of people with the lowest level of education is seven years shorter

  • Should we be concerned about medical progress? Should we be concerned about medical progress?

    We are considering an innovation that is raising life expectancy at age 50 by about one year and induces about $20, 000 in additional healthcare expenditure over a representative individual's ... Finally, mortality-reducing medical innovations tend to

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  • Doctor doctor, where are all the men?

    ways. Even though males generally have a higher socio-economic status than their female counterparts, this life-expectancy divide is widespread across the world. ... The only thing we should be embarrassed about is that women are winning the life

  • South Korea: The next global player?

    at the extremes of two conflicting global health indicators: longest life expectancy and highest suicide rates.

  • Ageing Asia: What does this mean for the future of healthcare?

    This has contributed to declining fertility and increasing life expectancy. But in turn, these changing demographic features are set to have profound repercussions on the continent’ s socio-economic and healthcare

  • Longevity but at what price?

    Zhavoronkov’ s theory is that by following the advances in biomedical research, we can now vaccinate against what were once killer illnesses; antibiotics have increased our life expectancy (although there is ... Given the level of technological advances

  • Spotlight on Saudi Arabia

    infant mortality rate that is double the average and a shorter life expectancy.

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