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medicine adherence

This page shows the latest medicine adherence news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Driving good practice in homecare

Driving good practice in homecare

The need to provide patients with information and support to help them make crucial decisions about homecare - and beyond that, support medicine adherence - is critical. ... Pharmacy will also manage service procurement, medicine purchasing and the

Latest news

  • Medicine adherence linked to doctor-patient communications

    Patients’ trust and confidence in HCP impacts on adherence, according to US study. ... confidence were more likely to have poor adherence, compared to those with higher ratings.

  • Janssen unveils €30,000 prize fund for health tech innovation

    Will look for 'transformational ideas' in homecare, adherence and personal health management. ... For its Connected Health Challenge Europe the company is looking for technology solutions in three areas: personal health management, delivering homecare

  • Text messaging increases medication adherence

    Study finds patients who received medicine reminders did better at taking their treatment. ... Patients who received text message reminders to take their medicine significantly improved their medication adherence, according to a new study.

  • Calls for improved medicine adherence in EU

    Several European healthcare organisations have called for action to improve patient adherence for medicines, with 194, 500 deaths attributed to misdose and non-adherence in the region each year. ... Several European healthcare organisations have called

  • Pharma urged to tackle non-compliance

    The report estimates that patient non-adherence to prescribed medicine courses is responsible for 194, 500 deaths per year in the EU and 131, 400 deaths per year in the US. ... The problem even extends to oral formulation chemotherapy drugs, where there

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  • Implementing eHealth innovation Implementing eHealth innovation

    In this area, I have seen the adoption of eHealth initiatives bring significant benefits in medicine adherence, while the progress in chronic disease management has recently led to industry recognition with ... A breakthrough to unlock adherence.

  • Behavioural science in 2030 Behavioural science in 2030

    And this is perfectly exemplified when we look at patient adherence to prescribed treatments. ... Together, these beliefs represent the root cause of the most significant fault line in modern medicine - adherence to self-management and treatment

  • Delivering digital value Delivering digital value

    We will be able to record patients' data through smart-watches and remotely address their needs, track medicine adherence through smart pills, and automatically call an ambulance for a stroke through

  • The Adherence Construct The Adherence Construct

    But there are compelling reasons why patient adherence programmes are worth the long-term investment. . ... A 2005 New England Journal of Medicine article that explored medicine adherence drew a simple, if obvious, conclusion: “Drugs don’t work in

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