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patient case study

This page shows the latest patient case study news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

J&J and Bristol-Myers Squibb/Bluebird bio reveal rival CAR-T data

J&J and Bristol-Myers Squibb/Bluebird bio reveal rival CAR-T data

However, remissions in the study last on average for 10.6 months, and median progression-free survival was 8.6 months. ... The KarMMa study also had a case of patient death due to cytokine release syndrome as a side-effect of treatment with ide-cel

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  • Novo's ‘virtual mannequins’ win digital award at PMEA Novo's ‘virtual mannequins’ win digital award at PMEA

    The medical education programme, which provides a one-day, peer-reviewed, patient case study event, was delivered with support from emotive.

  • The right patient reported outcome

    Case study: Data derived from patient reported outcome measures can provide added value in supporting key biomedical endpoints. ... Results. Selecting the most appropriate PRO to provide evidence of treatment effectiveness, based on the patient's

  • Making practice safer created dedicated interactive pages on its website as part of Patient Safety First's campaign. ... Murray Anderson Wallace, head of field strategy and communications for Patient Safety First.

  • Feeling their pain

    In addition, a filmed patient case study was shown. The case study described Sheila, a middle-aged woman who had been housebound for four years, suffering chronic pain as a result ... This study helped Mundipharma to establish contact with and generate

  • Go with the flow

    A patient education case study looks at the blood clot awareness work of Lifeblood: The Thrombosis Charity. ... Lifeblood launched a five-city bus tour and patient education programme for National Thrombosis Week.  .

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  • Keeping it real Keeping it real

    Comparing disease progression: The concept here is to allow the user to observe the outcomes of a patient case study by switching between potential treatment approaches and visualising the potential different ... outcomes. The aim is to utilise

  • Anticipating the future in healthcare Anticipating the future in healthcare

    Digital Health. Case study: Addressing budget needs in India. Hyjyia, an ICT platform provider for electronic medical records (EMR), has been working with the Indian Health Organisation (IHO) to create the ... Pioneering new technology. Case study:

  • Dialysis Diaries Dialysis Diaries offers expert insights, information on treatment types and regular updates from renal patient bloggers. ... Dialysis Diaries is a community site in which a group of renal patient bloggers discuss their life on different types of

  • Case study: multi channel depression awareness campaign

    Its success is further highlighted by campaign partnership with over 10 patient and professional groups, including World Federation for Mental Health, Wonca, European Depression Association and Aware. ... More than 7, 400 people also engaged with the

  • Case study: Encouraging effective pain management

    The compelling research that sparked this campaign showed that Hispanic Americans, along with other minority groups, grappled with more severe pain, before contacting a healthcare professional, than other patient groups. Language

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