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Patient empowerment

This page shows the latest Patient empowerment news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Patient engagement hygiene factors

Patient engagement hygiene factors

Other forces at play have also made this necessary: patient empowerment, mounting health cost pressures, the importance of treatment adherence to create efficiencies, and the role of technology (such as wearables) ... There are five critical and basic

Latest news

  • Healthcare transformation and innovation Healthcare transformation and innovation

    closely in areas around patient awareness, empowerment and interaction, healthcare providers and, more recently, academia and primary care physicians, mostly driven by the need for the regulators to be collaboratively involved

  • Sudler London takes Young Talent Award at IPA Best of Health Sudler London takes Young Talent Award at IPA Best of Health

    Wins prize for 'Share Your Voice' leukaemia patient empowerment campaign. Sudler London scooped the prestigious Pip Award for Young Talent at this year's IPA Best of Health Show, winning the ... top young creatives prize for its patient empowerment

  • Finalists revealed for Communiqué Awards 2016 Finalists revealed for Communiqué Awards 2016

    for Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Patient Power - A digital media channel for patient empowerment. ... by Brandcast Health. for Patient Power. Make Them Pay. by Cancer Research UK.

  • Ferring signs telemedicine collaboration with Danish hospital Ferring signs telemedicine collaboration with Danish hospital

    Ferring Pharmaceuticals has signed a telemedicine deal with a Copenhagen hospital that it hopes will transform patient care in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). ... patient empowerment.

  • Teva supports launch of MS help website Teva supports launch of MS help website

    greater personal control of their health. Developments in technology and eHealth initiatives in particular can actively facility such patient empowerment. ... faster understanding of the patient's experience of their condition and their quality of life.

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Latest Intelligence

  • A little less conversation

    Before you all pull shocked faces, I specifically mean the term patient centricity. ... Some examples:. Patient empowerment: using the patient activation measure (PAM), we can assess changes in patients’ active involvement in their health by scoring

  • A new era of smart pharma A new era of smart pharma

    It also ties into patient empowerment and their ability to be part of their own digital ecosystem, thus closely monitoring adherence with the goal of improving the efficacy of medicines. ... This era of patient empowerment is creating more discerning

  • Six degrees of participation Six degrees of participation

    Exploring the ongoing journey to patient empowerment and examining how pharma can play a part in more participatory models of care. ... Likewise, payers know that patient empowerment is vital if they’re to deliver affordable and sustainable models of

  • Communication is the key to the participatory medicine model Communication is the key to the participatory medicine model

    Often a lack of patient empowerment limits their motivation to be involved. ... It is therefore vital to use communications to achieve patient empowerment and tell the participatory medicine value story, highlighting what all parties involved get out of

  • Delivering real patient value Delivering real patient value

    We refer to this approach as Patient Value Planning. 1. Start with the patient. ... The consensus is that:. “A shift in the industry environment and patient empowerment is dictating a change in how healthcare solutions are designed.

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  • Empowered patients improve outcomes

    and provides examples and results of patient engagement in action. ... and provides examples and results of patient engagement in action.  .


    At the same time, patient empowerment remains an integral driver to accelerating diagnosis and treatment. ... And Georgie is a great example of a patient who empowered herself by asserting her interests.  .


    The consultant’s desire to assert his professional role acted as a barrier to better patient experiences. ... One that is inclusive of patient and carer. One that recognises the importance of patient empowerment.

  • The Art of Agile Marketing

    Multiple factors are driving this:. Patient empowerment: the simple fact that patients are now more involved in their treatment has created an uncertain environment.

  • Embracing the demands of the empowered ‘consumer-savvy’ patient by Ann Generlich

    Better patient experience. Strengthened dialogue. Patient engagement,  patient involvementand patient empowerment. Be a partner, bridge the information and education gapAdvantages:. ... Changed behaviour and increased patient loyalty. Compliance and

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