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patient information

This page shows the latest patient information news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

2018 by Darwin

2018 by Darwin

One less emerged property of our industry’s system that will become more important will be the unstoppable rise of the patient payer. ... We see these emerging in two places. From early experiments in ‘telemedicine’, we see the evolution of

Latest news

  • First digital medicine approved in the US First digital medicine approved in the US

    Patients can also authorise their carers and physician to access the information through a web-based portal. ... This information allows the opportunity for an open dialogue with the patient, ”commented John Kane, chair of psychiatry at the Barbara

  • Smart solutions Smart solutions

    Connected smart technology not only has the potential to improve patient experiences, outcomes and brand loyalty, but the information gained will help pharmaceutical manufacturers better understand the patients’ecosystem and more ... patient is

  • Asian patient groups give pharma above average marks for reputation Asian patient groups give pharma above average marks for reputation

    The US company ranked first for patient-centricity, transparency and patient-group relations as well. ... Meanwhile, GSK was placed first for the provision of ‘high-quality’patient information and Novo Nordisk took first position for patient safety,

  • Otsuka refiles 'digital' medicine for mental illness Otsuka refiles 'digital' medicine for mental illness

    With patient consent the sensor shares the information with the patient's healthcare providers and selected loved ones. ... effectively. "If approved, this digital medicine would securely measure patient medication-taking patterns, as well as select

  • Pharma's reputation on the wane, say patient groups Pharma's reputation on the wane, say patient groups

    ViiV led the pack overall and also for all seven indicators of corporate reputation covered in the survey: patient-centricity; patient information; patient safety; useful products; transparency; integrity; and effectiveness of ... Patient groups have

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Latest Intelligence

  • ‘How is your day?’ ‘How is your day?’

    Secondly, building strong links between donor and patient communities to secure stable source plasma access. ... For patient testimonials, videos, evidence and information, visit and Facebook &Twitter @HIYDglobal.

  • How can pharma build bridges with HCPs online? How can pharma build bridges with HCPs online?

    Since Fendix can place content on NHS public websites too, a pharma company could go a step further and make relevant, supporting patient information available on those websites, and signpost its ... Conclusion. There is a golden opportunity to provide

  • Protecting patient privacy Protecting patient privacy

    Initiatives by other regions such as North America around the external publication of clinical findings provide an additional driver for improving approaches to managing outward-facing information. ... Strong measures to protect patient privacy

  • GDPR and the NHS ‘opt out’: a chance to engage patients in research GDPR and the NHS ‘opt out’: a chance to engage patients in research

    Co-ordinated by NHS Digital, it allows people to opt out of their confidential patient information being used for research and planning. ... In other words, informed consent underpins not only patient centricity but the future of research.

  • Rules of engagement Rules of engagement

    Physicians need resources for patient education, scientific information on drugs to help them make better treatment decisions and continuing medical education. ... digital thought leaders across social media and other channels that connect patient and

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Latest appointments

  • McCann Health Americas names president McCann Health Americas names president

    The expansion includes an extensive investment programme encompassing talent, enhanced digital health platforms, and improved healthcare professional-patient information management programmes.

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Latest from PMHub

  • SWITCHED ONcology Patient Experience Focus Group Full Discussion

    In the patient experience focus group, the discussion focused on the patient journey from pre-diagnosis right through to treatment and support. ... around treatment, access to information for both patients and hcps, patient support wellbeing and the role

  • Fendix

    The Fendix network achieves this by enabling companies to disseminate professionally relevant information to defined groups of NHS staff via their own intranets. ... This means a pharma company can make relevant, supporting and non-promotional patient

  • Improving medication adherence by increasing health literacy

    Research revealed that 43% of UK adults don’ t have a great enough understanding of patient information materials to enable them to correctly take medication. ... Consider alternative formats for different patient segments. Adherence can sink when the

  • Does your medical information service work for your users?

    More than analytics. There are several ways to identify usability issues and improve your medical information website. ... experience. During a review of a medical information site, the expert acts as a healthcare professional and completes common

  • The language of health

    The language of health. 07930 377775. Address:. Kemp House. 152 - 160 City Road. London. EC1V 2NX. United Kingdom.

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