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Patient View

This page shows the latest Patient View news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

How technology is driving new trends in patient engagement

How technology is driving new trends in patient engagement

Of course, there will be times when this information is sensitive but that shouldn’t be an insurmountable obstacle when a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history and treatment ... Alicia Staley is Senior Director of Patient Engagement at

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  • Roche/GE’s digital medicine alliance bears first fruit Roche/GE’s digital medicine alliance bears first fruit

    give multidisciplinary cancer care teams “a more comprehensive view of each patient in one place.”. ... For the first time, radiologists will be able to upload their patient records to the same dashboard where patient files from other disciplines in

  • Great Expectations Great Expectations

    So, the lesson here is that in considering the patient’s point of view, we cannot simply rely on a handful of patients for input and assume that everyone must have ... We must know how long a patient spends in a particular state in order to truly

  • The state of trust The state of trust

    Looking at this from a pharma point of view Seeruthun said: “As an industry, we’re not good at communicating and that’s why we’re here. ... Building on this was Sharon Grant, the chair of the London-based ‘community interest company’ Public

  • Healthcare in the digital age Healthcare in the digital age

    As healthcare systems and companies alike seek to engage with digital technology to improve patient outcomes, someone with a clear view of the challenges faced by both is Prof Jan Kimpen. ... In doing so it radically altered the doctor-patient

  • Power to the people Power to the people

    Some of the most proactive companies have sought a patient view of what ‘value’ might look like as early as preclinical development - although this is the exception rather than the rule. ... a highly regulated industry where it’s difficult to even

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  • Ashfield to host webinar on Patient Support Programmes on Tuesday 10 October

    Patients, payers and healthcare professionals have high expectations for patient support programmes (PSPs). ... What does a ‘single view of the patient’ really mean and how does it work?

  • Lockdown 3: Why patients cannot afford another pause in pharma-sponsored support Lockdown 3: Why patients cannot afford another pause in pharma-sponsored support

    A global survey of 1, 720 patient groups by  Patient View, conducted after the first lockdown in 2020, reported that pharma companies had paused many of their normal patient-related activities ... Co-design intervention with panel to improve patient

  • The Unknown Unknowns The Unknown Unknowns

    Patient insights are fundamental to ensuring we understand the reality of living with a condition. ... Whilst I would agree with the FDA that this increased focus and desire to ingrain the patient view into all areas of work is critical.

  • Perspective: the patient edition

    This has driven another trend – value-based care, which has caused pharmaceutical companies to move away from a product-centric approach and focus instead on patient outcomes. ... Download the magazine to learn:. A patient’s view on how pharma can be


    Connected ambulances’ like this one demonstrated by the South Central Ambulance Trust could allow remote specialists to view a patient in real time and deliver treatment instructions as if they were ... Engineered hearts: Mentioned above, 3D printed bio

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