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This page shows the latest protein news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

MaxCyte gets green light for solid tumour cell therapy

MaxCyte gets green light for solid tumour cell therapy

An intravenous version of the CAR therapy – which targets a protein called mesothelin found on the surface of malignant cells – is also in preclinical development for other solid tumours.

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  • Can new data aggregators shift the balance of power away from pharma? Can new data aggregators shift the balance of power away from pharma?

    At the time there was a strong scientific belief in the central dogma, that is ‘one gene codes for one protein’.

  • ‘How is your day?’ ‘How is your day?’

    ‘ How is your day?’. The initiative that shows how plasma protein therapies improve lives. ... How is Your Day' is an initiative of the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association.

  • 30 Women Leaders in UK Healthcare

    Dr Marshall is a world-leading expert in G-Protein-Coupled-Receptor (GPCR) biology and drug discovery.

  • 30 women leaders in UK healthcare (part 3) 30 women leaders in UK healthcare (part 3)

    Dr Sarah Teichmann is a world-leading researcher in genomics and molecular biology, working in numerous collaborative efforts to unlock the mysteries and complexities of gene expression and proteins interactions in

  • No incentive for a cure No incentive for a cure

    to 12-week course. And Spinraza from Biogen, the first ever disease-modifying treatment for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), which increases the body’s ability to produce SMN protein critical to.

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  • Training the next generation of biotech leaders

    society. “ We look at the manufacturing challenges we are facing for emerging healthcare products, such as stratified protein therapeutics and personalised cell therapies.

  • Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month

    The symptoms of AD are believed to be caused by an atypical build-up of proteins within the brain in the forms of ‘ plaques’ and ‘ tangles’, which impairs connections between neurons ... It is particularly challenging to tackle AD, as is it still

  • Introduction to the manufacturing of biologics

    However, the broad definition of a biologic is they are created by either a microorganism or a mammalian cell, and are large, complex molecules; the majority of which are proteins

  • Forecasting in Forgotten Markets

    From a scientific perspective, the jury is still out on the root cause of these conditions and whether the current hypothesis around the involvement of Amyloid and Tau proteins in different

  • Flarebio Biotech LLC

    Our main business includes recombinant proteins and antibodies (CusAb), ELISA kits (CUSABIO), raw materials for diagnostic reagents (CUSAg), food safety testing products (WHISERKON).

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