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risk-sharing agreements

This page shows the latest risk-sharing agreements news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Friend or foe?

Friend or foe?

The first was about Express Scripts, a US pharmacy benefits manager, demanding risk-sharing price arrangements from pharma companies. ... In more sophisticated examples, the uncertainty that each side faces is mitigated by risk-sharing agreements.

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  • Pharma industry must listen to pharmacies Pharma industry must listen to pharmacies

    This is especially true given that risk-sharing agreements could potentially see companies lose money, Dr Alessi acknowledged.

  • Emerging business models for pharma Emerging business models for pharma

    The precursors to such networks are well-established ideas like joint ventures, outsourcing relationships and risk-sharing agreements, but pharma holobionts appear to evolving well beyond these relatively primitive arrangements in ... Cultures vary

  • Risk sharing: mitigate uncertainty

    The use of risk-sharing agreements as innovative market access strategies is a current hot topic. ... Figure 1. Pros &cons of risk-sharing agreements. Pros:. • Speed access to new innovative therapies.

  • Define access agreements

    The most popular and accurate definition of risk sharing is that of De Pouvourville et al (Eur J Health Econ, 2006), which describes risk sharing as 'agreements between a payer and ... Too often, such agreements are called risk sharing agreements when

  • Healthcare communications and public affairs

    In its recent review of top-up payments, the latest Secretary of State for Health again reiterated the Department of Health's commitment to risk sharing agreements and announced a widespread ... On a corporate level, the industry also has its work cut

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  • No incentive for a cure No incentive for a cure

    In theory, it should be desirable to get eligible patients on curative treatments very early in order to realise the full public health benefit.However, there is the question of risk. ... Incremental changes may work in the short-term. Incremental

  • Market access improvements in Turkey Market access improvements in Turkey

    Such models are already found in several European countries and indeed worldwide, and are generally known as managed entry or risk-sharing agreements.

  • Pharma–payer partnerships – rhetoric or reality? Pharma–payer partnerships – rhetoric or reality?

    Payer partnerships fall into two categories: price and reimbursement (risk-sharing agreements/patient access schemes) and value add (provision of services beyond the pill). ... more value to the industry than to payers (Raftery J, BMJ 2010; 340:c1672

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