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scientific method

This page shows the latest scientific method news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Healthcare and the artificial intelligence revolution

Healthcare and the artificial intelligence revolution

Imagine trying to achieve this feat using traditional means. It would have taken thousands of man-hours from highly skilled scientific experts to trawl through the data and attempt to look ... Dr Narain and his Berg colleagues are fundamentally

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  • Escaping wicked problems Escaping wicked problems

    There's a fair chance that your list will include words like logical, rational, process or method. ... This is an important observation because, encultured in the scientific method as we are, many life science industry executives default to a rational

  • This month in pharma

    It was 1946 before the scientific method caught up with the logic, however, with the UK Medical Research Council's (MRC) study into the use of antibiotic streptomycin as a treatment

  • AZ wins product liability case

    At the heart of these cases are unproven claims that Seroquel causes diabetes in individual plaintiffs, however plaintiffs have been unable to show through any accepted scientific method that AZ is

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  • Brand teams: why are some smarter than others? Brand teams: why are some smarter than others?

    Loops of insight. The deductive approach to  creating insight has its origins in the work of Agyris and Schon,   two American researchers, and is correspondingly scientific  in its method.

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  • Curb your enthusiasm (if you want to impress)

    We are weaned on the scientific method: set up a hypothesis, test and re-test it to establish proof and falsifiability, stack up the evidence, then invite other scientists to chuck ... Scientific data is still the payload, but creativity enables you to

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At Skills in Healthcare, we are able to provide our customers with a professional set of sales capabilities. With our...

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Empowered patients: shaking the foundations of healthcare
Precision medicine represents a new paradigm in healthcare.This new approach to treating and preventing disease views the patient holistically, analysing their genes, environment and lifestyle, and using this information to...
A uniquely English genomic medicine service
The UK National Health Service is developing one standardised approach to embedding precision medicine across the whole of England. Blue Latitude Health speaks to Dr Tom Fowler, Deputy Chief Scientist...
Blended Intelligence
Data is the most valued commodity of the modern world. For P&P it's all about the application....