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This page shows the latest SO Patient news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

The power of pharma businesses to drive social change

The power of pharma businesses to drive social change

As a company we are focused on addressing unmet patient needs, so we chose to support the Fistula Foundation because obstetric fistula is a key, unmet health need where we knew

Latest news

  • Signal strength Signal strength

    So how do you make communications that not only sing, they make your customers dance to your tune? ... If you do not start there, you’ll never create communications that truly improve patient outcomes.”.

  • Janssen launches UK blood cancer awareness campaign Janssen launches UK blood cancer awareness campaign

    The Make Blood Cancer Visible campaign coincides with blood cancer awareness month and is backed by nine blood cancer patient support groups. ... We are therefore delighted to be a part of this exciting campaign helping to raise awareness of blood cancer

  • Healthcare in the digital age Healthcare in the digital age

    In doing so it radically altered the doctor-patient relationship and conversations between the two about healthcare, but it was not without its challenges. ... How does it relate to a better outcome and how could it increase productivity in the hospital

  • Europe delays EMA relocation decision Europe delays EMA relocation decision

    Echoing this Dr Virginia Acha, executive director of research, medicine and innovation at the UK’s ABPI, said: “It will be critical to avoid divergence and duplication of regulatory regimes, so ... Countries that have so far thrown their hats into

  • Power to the people Power to the people

    New manifesto. So what does that innovation look like? Well thankfully it’s moved beyond digital tools to support medicines adherence and transitioned towards leveraging patient insights to inform innovations in ... And they’re capturing the voice of

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Latest Intelligence

  • Beyond caring: learning from the unsung advocates in cancer care

    So perhaps unsurprisingly being labelled as a ‘carer’doesn’t strike a chord among people who care. ... Advocates obviously play a critical and diverse role in a patient’s cancer care, but with so many challenges to overcome, at such a difficult

  • Let’s change the conversation about cancer Let’s change the conversation about cancer

    The patient experience is changing, so is the way we talk about cancer and our expectations of it. ... Instead, HCP-patient conversations could become more personalised, in keeping with the way cancer identity is changing.

  • The new rules of marketing and PR The new rules of marketing and PR

    Patients are using our patient and visitor information, so they’re looking for specifics about how to make their stay easier, and we write with them in mind. ... and the website are blurring tremendously at Inova, as at so many other organisations.

  • A quest for innovative solutions A quest for innovative solutions

    But we are not looking at technology for technology’s sake; there has to be a distinct patient benefit.”. ... Once that is established you can generate data and learn so much about patients and patient populations.

  • Delivering real patient value Delivering real patient value

    Delivering real patient value. Three practical steps to achieving a patient-focused comms plan. ... However, few medical journals currently publish patient-level information, so alternative channels of similar credibility need to be considered.

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Latest appointments

  • Ferring appoints executive VP and chief medical officer Ferring appoints executive VP and chief medical officer

    Michel Pettigrew, president of the executive board and chief operating officer, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, said: “Making the industry more patient-centric has always been a top priory for Professor Dugi, and this ... is perfectly aligned with our

  • Sanofi appoints ‘chief patient officer’ Sanofi appoints ‘chief patient officer’

    The company explained that Dr Beal will be tasked with elevating the 'perspective of the patient within Sanofi so the company's future healthcare offerings can better incorporate the unique priorities ... the patient perspective advances our approach to

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Latest from PMHub

  • Device Attribute Testing

    The patient evaluation needed to reflect real life as much as possible, so that it truly reflected patient preference and could predict the future market impact of any new device.

  • Ashfield achieves another double win at the PF Awards 2017

    Kathy commented on her well-deserved win: “ This award means so much to me. ... Ashfield is committed to patient support services and helping achieve better patient outcomes, so we’ re incredibly proud of Kathy for winning the Clinical Nursing Award.

  • Jo Fearnhead-Wymbs A year in the role as patient engagement director

    2016. So before long I was on a plane to begin planning in earnest for the patient-focused strategic support they wanted to commission and to be delivered immediately (no settling ... talk to colleagues about what patient engagement delivers for patients,

  • Pharma need to keep their ‘pull & push’ separate from their ‘inbound & outbound’

    So, instead of interruptive ‘ outbound’ promotions via broadcast media, the use of blogs, search and social are all used to build trust and keep the brand front-of-mind until such ... We believe this mismatch of terms has the potential to be

  • Getting personal with wearable tech

    Hospitals are deploying wireless monitoring so that patient’ s vital signs are automatically and continuously fed back to clinicians. ... There are still many unanswered questions. So what’ s in it for me?

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