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This page shows the latest story-telling news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Q&A: Vicky Bramham

Q&A: Vicky Bramham

do. What’s the worst thing about working in healthcare comms? That sometimes our rules and regulations can stand in the way of how we may want to communicate a story. ... But that’s our job – to work out a way of telling that story and adding the

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  • Parexel launches medical writing solutions business Parexel launches medical writing solutions business

    requirements change, it is vital that clients have access to highly-experienced medical writers who can communicate with all stakeholders in an integrated way, eliminating silos and telling a more holistic ... story through each stage of development and

  • Telling tales Telling tales

    For example, say you're telling a story that illustrates the benefits of Product X. ... Story can turn a confusing mixture of symptoms, anxieties, tests and treatments into a single, coherent and memorable picture.

  • Excellence in pharma launches Excellence in pharma launches

    It is no longer possible just to rely on the traditional approach of telling the molecule story that has worked in the past.

  • Restasis commercial among most memorable ads of 2013 Restasis commercial among most memorable ads of 2013

    Marketers can achieve this through any combination of: telling a story that viewers can relate to; creating a connection through humour or emotion; or incorporating attention-grabbing sights and sounds,” Nielsen

  • The authority to publish The authority to publish

    In actual fact, not only did women find the piece offensive, but quite understandably, they couldn't see any link whatsoever between the brand and the story it was telling. ... Today's audiences can smell insincerity a mile off and masses of

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  • Frankenstein and the art of communication Frankenstein and the art of communication

    From this is born an agreed way of telling your story. ... Bringing the story to life. Being distinctive is the jolt of electricity that brings your story alive.

  • The roaring ‘20s and Generation Z The roaring ‘20s and Generation Z

    Industry should be willing to partner in this significant change in the way people receive care – those that do so will have an interesting story to tell. ... The art of telling the right (and true) story, to the right people, in the right way is what

  • What pharma marketers can learn from Disney

    Tell a story and meet audience needs at every stage in the journey. ... It is important to bring the audience along its journey to prescribing or, in the case of patients, to perhaps asking their physician the right questions, by telling a compelling and

  • The patient’s world is ‘messy’ The patient’s world is ‘messy’

    Sadly their HCPs know only a fragment of the picture. One reason that the HCPs don’t know the full story is that patients don’t tell them very much. ... A richer and more accurate experience. The clinical perspective of the HCP of the patient journey

  • Thinking clearly and imagining better Thinking clearly and imagining better

    Aileen Thompson, ABPI communications director, in August on PMLiVE talked about ‘celebrating science in our story telling’. ... We’d agree, as pharma reimagines its business model and strengthens its business planning, that telling stories clearly

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