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This page shows the latest story-telling news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Parexel launches medical writing solutions business

Parexel launches medical writing solutions business

requirements change, it is vital that clients have access to highly-experienced medical writers who can communicate with all stakeholders in an integrated way, eliminating silos and telling a more holistic ... story through each stage of development and

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  • Telling tales Telling tales

    For example, say you're telling a story that illustrates the benefits of Product X. ... Story can turn a confusing mixture of symptoms, anxieties, tests and treatments into a single, coherent and memorable picture.

  • Excellence in pharma launches Excellence in pharma launches

    It is no longer possible just to rely on the traditional approach of telling the molecule story that has worked in the past.

  • Restasis commercial among most memorable ads of 2013 Restasis commercial among most memorable ads of 2013

    Marketers can achieve this through any combination of: telling a story that viewers can relate to; creating a connection through humour or emotion; or incorporating attention-grabbing sights and sounds,” Nielsen

  • The authority to publish The authority to publish

    In actual fact, not only did women find the piece offensive, but quite understandably, they couldn't see any link whatsoever between the brand and the story it was telling. ... Today's audiences can smell insincerity a mile off and masses of

  • Bupa mockumentary to get people walking Bupa mockumentary to get people walking

    Created by UK-based agency Hometown London, the campaign focuses on the adventures of spoof Hollywood character Chad Strider, the self-proclaimed 'world's best walker', telling his life story in

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  • The patient’s world is ‘messy’ The patient’s world is ‘messy’

    Sadly their HCPs know only a fragment of the picture. One reason that the HCPs don’t know the full story is that patients don’t tell them very much. ... A richer and more accurate experience. The clinical perspective of the HCP of the patient journey

  • Thinking clearly and imagining better Thinking clearly and imagining better

    Aileen Thompson, ABPI communications director, in August on PMLiVE talked about ‘celebrating science in our story telling’. ... We’d agree, as pharma reimagines its business model and strengthens its business planning, that telling stories clearly

  • Re-awakening the emotion in healthcare communications Re-awakening the emotion in healthcare communications

    By telling an empowering story of how a group of people with breathing disabilities learned to sing, the campaign is a perfect example of how to use emotive storytelling in healthcare.

  • Stories that can save lives Stories that can save lives

    Instead of simply telling, Jobs would openly marvel at the product on stage to transfer a sense of awe to the audience. ... What better ending to a story than that? Alister Sansum is general manager, Real Science Communications.

  • Insights from the Authenticity Gap research Insights from the Authenticity Gap research

    Thirdly, many managers forget employees as important stakeholders in telling their organisation's story. ... But it is the story behind the product that the consumer longs to hear, and that deepens credibility for the organisation overall.

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  • We need to be better for mental health sufferers

    The voice of the people. Working with a number of people suffering from a mental health disorder and patient groups, we have released a powerful video telling the everyday story of

  • Pitch Perfect

    Louise ended her Thirsty Thursday  session with some thoughts on story-telling. Weaving our strategies and tactics of our pitches into stories gives them meaning. ... We take our clients on a journey that catches their attention, and once we have them

  • Data Visualisation in Medical Communication

    We are telling a story: placing the data within a context that resonates with our audience and moves them towards a desired behaviour change. .

  • 3 ways to remember more from training

    For example, story telling is a really effective memory aid. And the more personal it is the better – it makes it much easier for people to remember.

  • Could you tell a story in six words?

    Today is the birthday of Ernest Hemingway – one of the greatest story tellers ever and a source of inspiration for anyone trying to communicate. ... Watch this short magical video to be inspired by Hemingway’s six word story, learn the secret of his

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