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user-centric design

This page shows the latest user-centric design news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Driving adherence through improved user experience

Driving adherence through improved user experience

Consider and understand the behaviours that lead to non-adherence to develop a good user experience. ... The pressure on so many areas of our lives is eased by thoughtful, user-centric design and we need to take the same approach to adherence.

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  • EPG Health EPG Health

    Majoring in customer-centric website design and personalised user journeys, Medthority provides a trusted learning environment with convenient access to content that supports HCP treatment decisions and patient outcomes. ... REACH. Acquire an audience

  • The role of empathy in the design of products and services

    When you design a product that truly addresses an unmet need, that product will establish an emotional connection with the user, from which engagement becomes real. ... Such data will help a design team know the customer better, and enable designers make

  • Experience design of physical spaces: a human-centred approach

    Anna Tamasi from Blue Latitude Health highlights the key considerations and best practices for spatial design from a user experience design perspective. ... In this article, Consultant Anna Tamasi highlights the key considerations and best practices for

  • Delivering a better eDetail: Strategy-led user-centred methodology in practice

    Stuart Goodman and Anna Tamasi demonstrate how user-centred design helps to build better strategy and assets for pharma and healthcare. ... What does success for each stakeholder even look like? That’s why adopting a  user-centred methodology  is

  • Understanding personas for healthcare

    Here, she breaks down for us what a persona is in the context of customer-centric design, and addresses some frequently asked questions about these and other tools used for improving ... Out of those conversations has emerged a need for more clarity

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