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Wearable technology

This page shows the latest Wearable technology news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Apple Watch shows promise in heart study, but doctors sceptical

Apple Watch shows promise in heart study, but doctors sceptical

The virtual design of this study also provides a strong foundation upon which future research can be conducted to explore the health implications of wearable technology.”. ... partnered with pharma giant Johnson and Johnson to assess the impact of

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  • D-day: time to make digital deliver D-day: time to make digital deliver

    Google’s work in health is, among many diverse projects, seeing it explore how wearable technology can measure pulse, heart rhythm and skin temperature to detect disease. ... Digital D-day. There’s little doubt that digital technology can make a

  • Abbott’s wearable glucose monitor to be available across England Abbott’s wearable glucose monitor to be available across England

    that regardless of where you live, if you’re a patient with Type 1 diabetes you can reap the benefits of this life improving technology.”. ... The result is a breakthrough technology that is now available for a fraction of the cost of other sensing

  • Amgen signs real world study and mobile data partnership Amgen signs real world study and mobile data partnership

    Initially targeting multiple conditions, including cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, neurologic disorders, inflammatory diseases and cancer, researchers will combine real world evidence with data from wearable technology, digital apps and

  • Takeda pilots Apple Watch depression app Takeda pilots Apple Watch depression app

    Partners with Cognition Kit on patient monitoring wearable.  . Takeda is testing the use of an Apple Watch app for patients with major depressive disorder (MDD). ... Cognition Kit's chief scientific officer Jenny Barnett said: “By combining wearable

  • Medtronic partners with Fitbit for diabetes tracking Medtronic partners with Fitbit for diabetes tracking

    Adam Pellegrini, vice president of digital health for Fitbit, said: "We believe the integration of wearable technology with professional diagnostic tools can provide a more accurate and actionable view of a ... The tie-up with Fitbit is Medtronic's

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Latest Intelligence

  • Digital health Digital health

    Investments in digital solutions and services skyrocketed during 2017, across the spectrum of telemedicine, wearable technology, mobile applications and remote monitoring sensors, with offerings designed to help healthcare professionals and patients

  • A quest for innovative solutions A quest for innovative solutions

    But we are not looking at technology for technology’s sake; there has to be a distinct patient benefit.”. ... new ways of monitoring major depressive order, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis using wearable devices and smartphone technology.

  • Why we do it Why we do it

    We are not yet at the point where patients have easy access to wearable technology that reports on symptoms each day. ... And we shouldn’t wait for technology to show we can make a difference to outcomes.

  • Customer experience rules the digital age Customer experience rules the digital age

    And as technology continues to move forward at an astounding pace, from virtual and augmented realities to the internet of things and wearable technology, not forgetting artificial intelligence, the new bot

  • Proving real-world value Proving real-world value

    These are all weak metrics. As we dream of a future where wearable tech allows us to track all aspects of patients’ behaviour, a sobering glance at the present shows ... The metrics take care of themselves. “We may be some way from leveraging data

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  • Practical Patient Centricity

    Cost effective wearable technology can gather this data, enabling the ‘silent patient voice’ to be heard – coupled with regulatory changes, clinical trials can be shortened and costs reduced.Companies such as

  • Wearables and Healthcare

    Interestingly however, this type of wearable has not yet been shown to affect health overall.[7]. ... Beyond acting as a sort of digital personal trainer, encouraging behavioural change and thereby modest improvements in overall fitness, it is the

  • Synergy Vision

    Does wearable technology really have the potential to enhance modern healthcare?. ... With the increased uptake of this technology, the collection of these data has the potential to be harnessed to enhance healthcare practices globally.

  • We want to become more active, so why are we still failing?

    Wearable technology is rapidly becoming part of our social norm.Despite our willingness to purchase wearable activity trackers, evidence suggests they might not help us change our behaviour over the long ... Employees and clients used wearable activity

  • Rise of the patient expert - an interview with Michael Seres

    Founded by Michael Seres in 2011, 11 Health is a connected medical device company currently working to change the lives of patients using stoma bags. Content Marketing Manager Liz Inskip interviews Michael about how patients are changing the role of

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