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This page shows the latest wearables news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

D-day: time to make digital deliver

D-day: time to make digital deliver

It’s unlikely that 2018 will have yielded any less. The interventions are wide-ranging; an abundance of apps, wearables and portals are helping patients and prescribers manage long-term conditions, ... Google’s work in health is, among many diverse

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  • Abbott’s wearable glucose monitor to be available across England Abbott’s wearable glucose monitor to be available across England

    FreeStyle Libre will be prescribed to those with T1 diabetes. Patients with type 1 diabetes across England will soon be able to access Abbott's FreeStyle Libre wearable glucose sensor, a ... The wearable device is about the size of a £2 coin and is

  • Entering the era of digital trials Entering the era of digital trials

    Using ankle-worn wearables to calculate stride velocity at home could eliminate the confounding effect of motivation. ... In these and other ways, sensor-laden wearables are enabling the remote assessment of safety and efficacy.

  • ROAD wins new account, Ark rebrands and Ashfield sees third intake of writers ROAD wins new account, Ark rebrands and Ashfield sees third intake of writers

    The latest healthcare comms news. Road wins Femtech account. Independent healthcare communications agency ROAD has been appointed by Atlantic Therapeutics to provide PR support for its wearable muscle stimulation tech.

  • Digital Trials Digital Trials

    Although endpoints from wearables such as Actigraphy have been used as primary and secondary endpoints in previous trials, the majority of the digital data is currently used to support exploratory endpoints. ... As a consequence, clinical trials are

  • Artificial intelligence in healthcare Artificial intelligence in healthcare

    AI can also help people stay well so they don’t need a doctor, via apps – sometimes linked to digital wearables – that encourage healthy lifestyles and help doctors understand the

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  • Practical Patient Centricity

    Cost effective wearable technology can gather this data, enabling the ‘silent patient voice’ to be heard – coupled with regulatory changes, clinical trials can be shortened and costs reduced.Companies such as

  • Apple Watch Series 4: A life-saving tool or just making us more health obsessed?

    It’s no surprise that major tech brands, such as Apple, fitbit and Amazon, cottoned on to this idea and developed an array of wearable health tech devices that enable us ... With this in mind, are wearable devices, such as Apple’s new watch, really

  • More tell, less sell: HCP-centric comms

    Communicating with HCPs 101: we put ourselves in HCPs’ shoes to understand exactly what they want from pharma communications. A downloadable version of this white paper is available on the right of this page. To discover more about IGNIFI,

  • Medopad: the up and coming unicorn transforming remote patient monitoring

    As the technology can be linked to a growing number of wearable devices, the app can retain and monitor data on the patients’ own biology, from blood to glucose tests.

  • Wearables and Healthcare

    Interestingly however, this type of wearable has not yet been shown to affect health overall.[7]. ... Application of data fusion techniques and technologies for wearable health monitoring. Med Eng Phys. 2017; 42:1–12. .

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