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This page shows the latest wearables news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Amgen real world study and mobile data partnership

Amgen real world study and mobile data partnership

Initially targeting multiple conditions, including cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, neurologic disorders, inflammatory diseases and cancer, researchers will combine real world evidence with data from wearable technology, digital apps and

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  • Why we do it Why we do it

    We are not yet at the point where patients have easy access to wearable technology that reports on symptoms each day.

  • Customer experience rules the digital age Customer experience rules the digital age

    And as technology continues to move forward at an astounding pace, from virtual and augmented realities to the internet of things and wearable technology, not forgetting artificial intelligence, the new bot

  • Proving real-world value Proving real-world value

    These are all weak metrics. As we dream of a future where wearable tech allows us to track all aspects of patients’behaviour, a sobering glance at the present shows ... The metrics take care of themselves. “We may be some way from leveraging data

  • Managing medication non-adherence Managing medication non-adherence

    Takeda has recently adopted the platform of Koneska Health to power more patient-centric clinical trials and develop digital biomarkers using biosensors and wearables. ... wearable activity tracking devices to collect and share their mobility data, which

  • The digital doctor-patient relationship The digital doctor-patient relationship

    via wearables and health data. ... The number of people using wearable tech in the UK tripled between 2014 and 2016 alone but, of those who track their own health data, fewer than half share it with

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  • How to choose your digital channels

    Wearable computing’ was a buzzword of 2016. It genuinely is very exciting but what’ s the right use for it? ... A better patient use for wearable tech would be a reminder to take medication or a way to track an exercise regimen or monitor heart rate.

  • Connected Health

    Connected Health. In recent decades, emerging technologies have repeatedly forced smart companies to answer the question: what’ s new here and what’ s our strategy now? It happened in the mid-90s as the Internet took off, in the mid-2000s as

  • Lucid Co-founder and COO discusses the changing landscape of healthcare communications

    Jan discusses the evolving science and evidence surrounding behavioural change and her hopes for the future – where advances in technology, such as wearable technology will provide accurate measurements of real patient

  • Getting personal with wearable tech

    The vital signs are good. Wearables are being put to use wherever we look, including in the NHS, which has endorsed wearable use in its own trials. ... Evidence to date suggests that wearable technology is plugging a gap in our knowledge.

  • Blog: Wearables – The Technologist’s view

    Blog: Wearables – The Technologist’ s view. Patient insight is key to a successful solution. ... The wearable technology market has come of age, with the emergence of wearables into the consumer mainstream.

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