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Havas Lynx Group


We are Havas Lynx Group, the leading global healthcare communications group. We are committed to bringing about change in healthcare - which is informed by experience, driven by innovation and proven in delivery. Our teams are determined to go beyond current thinking in healthcare communications.

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  • We are Havas Lynx Group, the leading global healthcare communications group.

    We are devoted to fresh thinking. Changing the way the world does healthcare communications for the better. We are committed to bringing about change. Change informed by experience, driven by innovation and proven in delivery. Our teams are fiercely determined to go beyond current thinking, to set new standards and to lead the debate.

    We work alongside healthcare professionals, patients, carers and pharmaceutical brands to overcome complex healthcare challenges. Our healthcare and pharmaceutical clients trust us to develop compelling brands and thoughtful strategies that build lasting relationships. Our work blends strategic insight and deep scientific understanding with creativity and digital innovation to deliver healthcare campaigns and solutions that really make a difference to people’s lives.

    Our heritage dates to 1986 and whilst the world around us has changed, our values haven’t.


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    Total staff
    250-500 staff
    Billings from UK creative healthcare work
    Healthcare staff
    Over 250 staff
    Total agency billings
    Agency age
    Over 30 years
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    Approximate percentage of advertising, branding, creative or design work in the UK healthcare market
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  • Awards
  • PM Society Awards 2018:
    - Films & Animation (HCPs) - Gold, Bronze
    - Films & Animation (Patients) - Gold
    - Advertisement Campaign (Target Audience Judged) - Silver
    - House Promotion (Target Audience Judged) - Silver, Bronze
    - Corporate Communications (Target Audience Judged) - Silver
    - Innovation Award (Target Audience Judged) - Gold, Bronze
    - Secondary Care Advertisement - Bronze
    - Advertising Campaign - Silver, Bronze
    - Interactive Communication - Gold, Silver
    - Patient Support - Bronze
    - Mixed Media Campaign - Gold, Finalist
    - Disease Awareness (Patients) - Gold, Silver x2
    - Disease Awareness (HCPs) - Gold
    - Events and Exhibitions - Gold, Silver
    - Best Use of Insight - Gold

    The Cannes Lions Awards 2018:
    - Cannes Lions Healthcare Agency of the Year 2018
    - Cannes Lions Health (Pharma) - Silver x2, Bronze

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