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PMLiVE Top Pharma List


Revenue 2017


The Top Pharma List rankings are compiled from GlobalData's pharmaceutical revenue figures, which are based on prescription medicine sales, including generics drugs. They have been compiled below into an infographic of Sanofi's 2013 sales performance.


Excellence in Global Education Meetings/Stand-Alone Events

by Lucid Group for Sanofi Genzyme. RA is a chronic disease affecting up to 1% of the worldwide population. ... Sanofi Genzyme Regeneron, assisted by Team Unity – a Lucid Group Company, launched LiBRA, an international education programme that aims to

AI and genomics: a revolution in drug discovery and development

AI and genomics: a revolution in drug discovery and development Likewise, Sanofi has partnered with Exscientia to use its artificial intelligence technology to find potentials targets for metabolic disease therapies.

Working together against COVID-19

Working together against COVID-19 A number of top pharma companies are included in the newly formed partnership, the COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator, including Eli Lilly, J&J, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer and Sanofi.

COVID-19: the race to find a vaccine

COVID-19: the race to find a vaccine BioNTech, CureVac and Translate Bio are also working on mRNA vaccines, while Pfizer and Sanofi are involved in those programmes through partnerships with BioNTech and Translate Bio, respectively.

Risks, reforms and rewards: the evolving Russian healthcare market

Risks, reforms and rewards: the evolving Russian healthcare market The leading suppliers were Sanofi, Novartis and Bayer. However, as the authors noted, the Russian manufacturers OTCharm, Pharmstandard and Biocad were among the top 20 suppliers in revenue terms.

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