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Agility and Flexibility Award *NEW FOR 2021*

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This new award is designed to recognise outstanding achievement in adapting rapidly and successfully to change.

The world has changed dramatically with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of how organisations have had to be super agile to survive. However, in the healthcare space, agility and flexibility are qualities that are consistently called-upon: this is an industry where products fail, priorities change, competition is rife, and outcomes are often not guaranteed for all stakeholders.

Therefore, this award recognises activities and teams who can demonstrate agility and flexibility, whether this be COVID-19 related or beyond.

Entries must:

  • Be medical / biopharma-related
  • Include a clear timeline of events and actions

Examples might be (but are not restricted to):

  • Rapid change of market conditions
  • Rapid programme adaptation
  • Organisational change
  • Stakeholder change
  • Compliance change
  • Impact of COVID-19

Who should enter?

All types of healthcare companies and/or their support agencies. The submission should address the award criteria and specifically focusses on a chain of events that led an organisation to have to change direction or course of action and the results of this activity

Work conducted between January 2019 and December 2020 will be eligible.

Remember: Entries into this category
DO NOT need to be anonymised.

Don’t forget:
- provide a copy of any previous submission for this work
- be open! Were there any other contributors to the programme?


Entry Title

Please give a simple title for your entry of no more than ten words

Executive Summary – 200 words. 0 (zero) marks

This will be used if entry is selected as a finalist and does not need to be anonymised.

Main entry

  • The word/character limit for each criterion will be outlined via the online entry system, which is new for 2021.

1. Situation Analysis – 15 marks (300 words)

  • In this section you should show the judges how well you understood the situation at the start of the project
  • What was the status quo prior to the change?
  • What was the chain of events that led to you having to change direction or course of action?
  • Why was change necessary?

2. Objectives and strategy – 15 marks (500 words)

  • What was the strategy that was put into place to overcome the challenge or seize the opportunity?
  • How did you identify problems / potential issues/ opportunities to be overcome/ or capitalise on?
  • Explain why this was the right strategy and any points to emphasise bold or innovative strategy selection
  • What were the timescales?

3. Implementation – 15 marks (400 words)

  • Describe how you implemented the project or programme
  • Briefly outline why these specific tactics were selected
    • For a programme this should include describing what tactics were deployed to implement the strategy and how change was delivered
  • What did the initiative/event/process/activity look like after the intervention?
  • What new metrics were put in place?

4. Effectiveness: Outcomes vs Objectives – 20 marks (400 words)

  • Show clearly how the programme or project delivered against the stated objectives
  • What were the outcomes of the new activity with a consideration of the impact of the intervention – positive or negative on outcomes?
  • What has been learnt: The rationale being what is being done/embedded to ensure that the learning of how to be flexible is not a one-off and that the stakeholders will achieve long term benefit?
  • You may include comments from third party stakeholders in this section but ONLY if they clearly help to demonstrate the impact of the work and were a planned part of the measurement approach

Supporting Materials

Please remember that the first round of scoring is based only on the content of the two-page entry form.

For this category, the only supporting material permitted is a video lasting no longer than two minutes.

Category Sponsors

Catherine Devaney, WE Communications – Communiqué Awards Judge

Key dates

Entry deadline 11 March 2021
Extended entry deadline 18 March 2021
(additional fee applies)
Judging days May 2021
Awards Ceremony 1st September 2021

Contact information:

For sponsorship opportunities:
Sales Team
Tel: +44 (0)1372 414200

General event enquiries:
Debbie Tuesley
Tel: +44 (0)1372 414243