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Leadership Award for Action on Workforce Diversity and Inclusion

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Judging criteria:

The judges will be focusing on the following areas when scoring your entry. Write your entries accordingly.

  • Organisational D&I vision and senior leadership involvement (10)
  • Efforts to build D&I expertise and to facilitate the success of D&I action through appropriate recognition, status, infrastructure and resourcing (10)
  • Commitment to D&I as evidenced by a clear philosophy, aligned policies and practices that create and ethical and fair working environment by preventing discrimination and unconscious bias. Values and behaviours that promote equality, a sense of belonging, authenticity and freedom of expression (10)
  • Implementation of well-executed programmes/ projects (even if still formative or being scaled up) with clear goals and a framework for ongoing review, measurement and promotion of outcomes or lasting impact (20)
  • Demonstration of action planned or taken on insights or learnings gained. Tangible results achieved in the time available, including evidence of outcomes (e.g. employee recruitment, engagement, feedback, retention, promotion) and business impact (e.g. reduction in recruitment costs, positive customer impact, social media recognition, performance increases at individual, team or company level etc.) (20)
  • TOTAL (70)
  • Bringing your entry to life on judging day. (*)
    • Clarity & succinctness – clear, precise coverage of key points to back-up your submission without embellishment.
    • Support of your team/company vision/culture.
    • Ability to bring the passion and philosophy to life.
    • Team ethos during presentation. Please bring team members from across your business to present.

(*) The judges will be basing their first-round scores on the criteria above. Based on these scores, the shortlisted entrants will be invited to attend judging on Friday 20 May 2022. Following presentations, the judges will discuss and score based on a review of the first-round scores, along with the final criteria above and these scores will be combined to produce the winner. Please allow for 1-2 people to present via Zoom.

This category is open to projects, initiatives and programmes in communications and medical affairs agencies which aim to build inclusive cultures by improving the diversity and inclusion of any or all of the nine protected characteristics as outlined in the UK Equality Act 2010.  These are age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.  Given the demographics of our industry and the intersectionality of these characteristics, we also invite programmes that seek to address socioeconomic exclusion.

Evidence shows that diverse teams perform better, and the nature of our industry means that a better understanding of our audiences delivers better outcomes, so there is are major incentives to make the healthcare communications industry truly diverse, inclusive and reflective of the communities we serve.  It has been openly acknowledged that our industry still has much work to do in this regard.  The challenge is now to build inclusive cultures both societally and within industries – to create ethical and fair places to work and for all to have the same opportunities for development and success.

In our industry there is an appetite for real change and some excellent practice is emerging.  This new award aims to recognise and reward individuals, teams or companies for their leadership and action in this important area.  Through the award we wish to recognise emerging good practice, share ideas and encourage the creation of inclusive cultures in our industry.

Entries are welcome for all sizes of initiative, from pilot projects to company-wide programmes.  In recognition that many companies have only recently put in place initiatives, the judges have not been over-prescriptive about the judging criteria in this inaugural year and will accept entries on work which is still in progress or under evaluation.  Cultural change takes many years to effect but the award winner will demonstrate a long-term commitment, that diversity and inclusion is a priority for the business, and that some tangible work must have been carried out over 2020-21.  A two-year window has been allowed to enable entrants to demonstrate change brought about over time.

The judges are looking for projects and programmes based on a deep understanding of the entrants’ own organisations, with long-term tangible goals for improving diversity and inclusion.  They will look for:

  • Alignment of Diversity and Inclusion programmes with overall company objectives and strategy
  • Evidence of a strong philosophy regarding diversity and inclusion and aligned policies which indicate a deep commitment to sustained action
  • Direct senior leadership involvement in delivery of the initiative
  • Involvement in external networks to learn best practices
  • Engagement with staff at all levels and the avoidance of tokenism
  • Experiential evidence from employee teams of the inclusive culture they work in
  • Clear measurement criteria (even if the data is not yet available) including current measurement of workforce re D&I
  • Resource allocation (time and/or budget)
  • Consideration of diversity and inclusion within client programmes


1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (max 200 words)
If you are nominated for an award, PMGroup may publish extracts from this summary, so ensure that it contains no confidential or sensitive information. No other part of your entry will be reproduced and your entry will remain confidential at all times


3. SUMMARY OF PROJECT/ PROGRAMME IN PLACE/IN DEVELOPMENT including clear objectives and strategies

4. HOW DID THIS SHAPE YOUR BUSINESS IN 2019-20? What were the achievements and/or learnings?



State briefly why your team should win this award, including any point of difference or industry-leading approaches or initiatives

Please only include clients if their work has been directly impacted, we would welcome comments from third parties such as recruitment consultants.

Category Sponsors

Catherine Devaney, WE Communications – Communiqué Awards Judge

Key dates

Entry deadline 11 March 2022
Extended entry deadline 18 March 2022
(additional fee applies)
Judging days May 2022
Awards Ceremony 7th July 2022

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