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How to enter

Entries into the 2022 Communiqué Awards should be submitted via the online entry system here

Closing date for entries is 11 March 2022.
A seven-day extension will be permitted to 18 March 2022, for an additional charge.

You should automatically receive a confirmation when you submit your entry. Any problems with this, please contact Helen Palmer-Wickens

Entries CANNOT be withdrawn or amended/added to in any way after 18 March 2022, once the judging process has commenced.

Entry Fees

Entry fees are non-refundable. Entries received without payment will not be processed.

Entry is charged at:

  • Entries 1-5 £395 + VAT (£474.00)* per entry
  • Entries 6-10 £375 + VAT (£450.00)* per entry
  • Entries 11+ £355 + VAT (£426.00)* per entry

You will automatically be directed to the payment page once you submit your entry.

*A seven-day extension will be permitted to 18 March 2022 for the additional charge of £250 + VAT (£300) per entry.

Entries into the following categories are free of charge:

  • Charitable Campaign of the Year
  • Healthcare Communiquétor
  • Healthcare Communications Advocate

Follow the instructions on the entry system to submit your entry. Any queries, please contact Helen Palmer-Wickens

Write your entry specifically for the category entered; any submission entered into more than one category, which has not been tailored to the relevant criteria but merely duplicated, will be disqualified and will still be charged.

Multiple entries: In the online entry system, you will be able to duplicate an entry and then amend so that it is written specifically for each separate category. Individual categories will be judged by different judging panels and supporting materials must be submitted separately for each category entered. Failure to tailor each entry for the category it has entered could result in disqualification.

IMPORTANT: It is important for entrants to realise that, at the first stage of judging, decisions will be based solely on the content of the written submission(other than categories specified). Judges will have no access to executive summaries or supporting materials. These will be made available at group judging days.


Please check each category to see if you need to anonymise your entry.

Do not include any entrant information or brand colours in your written submission that will easily identify your agency/company (client and brand/product details are permitted); FAILURE TO ANONYMISE, WHERE REQUIRED, WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION.

Supporting materials –These should be submitted at time of entering and should include:

– A selection of relevant supporting materials and visuals to illustrate the work undertaken

– An image or images or video that best represents the entry and can be used if your entry is selected as a finalist.

– ESSENTIAL: A summary sheet must be supplied with supporting materials,

  • Itemising each piece of supporting material
  • Clearly referencing where evidence has been supplied in support of all claims made in the entry about outcomes, such as shifts in awareness, attitude and reported behaviour, eg info on sample size, method of data collection etc. Entries will not be accepted without this document.

Supporting materials do not need to be anonymised.

Other common requirements are that entries must:

  • Relate to the period indicated in the entry criteria for each category. Sales and other important data from Q1 2022 are admissible, providing they are clearly highlighted in your submission. No further information can be accepted after the closing date for entries.
  • Include benchmarks to help judges evaluate the impact and outcomes of the work:
  • Address the specific needs of the audience, provide value and build trust with the stakeholder group(s)
  • Entries for any campaign that has been entered previously into the Awards must include clear evidence of substantial development/improvement, together with chronology. If work has been entered previously, these submission(s) MUST be provided to allow judges to see what progress/developments can be demonstrated over time. These MUST be included within your supporting documents. Where these are not available you should highlight this in the covering email for the submission and give details of the year of entry, the category entered and the title of the entry and PMGroup will endeavour to find the entry within its archives
  • Deliver balanced, independent and compelling work that enables stakeholders to improve clinical practice, raise standards of patient and general healthcare, enhance patient safety, improve access to treatment, or overcome other current treatment barriers
  • Disclose full details of the use of any other agency, outside contractor and/or third party that may have been involved in the work. Provide details of any other consultancies or other organisations who were contributors in the work. Be open!
  • Disclose any ’paid for’ elements of the campaign.

Category Sponsors

Debbie Tuesley - Communiqué Awards Director

Key dates

Entry deadline 11 March 2022
Extended entry deadline 18 March 2022
(additional fee applies)
Judging days May 2022
Awards Ceremony 7th July 2022

Contact information:

For sponsorship opportunities:
Sales Team
Tel: +44 (0)1372 414200

General event enquiries:
Debbie Tuesley
Tel: +44 (0)1372 414243

Entry and dinner booking enquiries:
Saoirse Meenaghan
Tel: 01372 414253