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Excellence in Healthcare Partnerships

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2020 Finalists

Ageing Differently with HIV

by 90TEN for Gilead UK

The UK HIV community of activists and caregivers that fought so hard for positive change in the past is now warning of a potential decline in health and quality of life for the first generation of people with HIV who are increasingly reaching old age. As a pharma company leading the way in HIV innovation, Gilead wanted to inspire people to think positively about solutions to supporting an ageing HIV population.

Through a series of ‘Future Thinkers’ facilitated workshops, the HIV Age Positively programme united HIV leaders with disruptors from outside the field and helped them think differently about how to solve challenges associated with ageing and build their capacity to innovate. A speaker led conference also brought fresh perspectives from the outside in, and fostered a spirit of inspiration and aspiration, where anything is possible. A community grant programme to elevate fresh thinking and innovative practice at grassroots level was also introduced.

The integrated programme raised the priority of ageing on the HIV agenda and inspired HIV stakeholders to propel the next wave of innovation to improve long-term health outcomes, while cementing Gilead’s reputation as a community partner; ranking first among UK patient groups in the Patient View Corporate Reputation Index for best patient group relationships and services beyond the pill.

Not Every Disability is Visible

by Evoke KYNE for Crohn’s and Colitis UK and Janssen-Cilag Limited

Crohn’s & Colitis UK, Janssen and Evoke KYNE partnered to develop ’Not Every Disability is Visible,’ a creative campaign to drive positive social change for people living with Crohn’s or Colitis and their right to use accessible toilets by raising awareness of the hidden aspects of the conditions and the discrimination faced when using the facilities. The campaign harnessed the powerful Crohn’s & Colitis UK membership network, defined the campaign call-to-action with real people and highly compelling visuals, and generated a groundswell of noise to mobilise the community and create lasting change.

As a result of this multifaceted campaign and supporting outreach strategies, we achieved nearly 500 million impressions through traditional and social media channels, resulting in more than 53,000+ emails being sent to CEOs of target businesses. As a result, >17,000 outlets of brands including Nando’s, Frankie and Benny’s and JD Wetherspoon changed their accessible toilet signs to one that states: ‘Not Every Disability is Visible’. The collaboration will now continue into a new phase of the campaign in 2020.

The Hepatitis C Coalition: Partnering with Health and Justice Sectors to Drive HCV Elimination

by Lexington Health for Gilead, MSD, AbbVie, Cepheid and Abbott

To support NHS England’s drive to eliminate hepatitis C (HCV) by 2025, the Hepatitis C Coalition embarked on a project to increase the uptake of testing and treatment of HCV in prisons, by raising awareness and building advocates in the justice sector. We worked to get justice sector policymakers and individual prison governors on board through a variety of activities including a high-profile roundtable on HCV in prisons with NHS England attended by key stakeholders to build consensus, and produced an accompanying solutions-focused report; placed opinion pieces in targeted media; produced awareness-raising material for prison keyworkers; we gained the support of the Prison Governors’ Association, attended its annual conference and brought individual governors into the Coalition as members. We also influenced the development of the National Probation Service Health Strategy, advocating for continuity of care for prisoners and a joined-up pathway. We successfully built strong and resilient relationships with representatives from NHSE, PHE, the MoJ, HMPPS and DHSC which has led to closer collaboration on wider aspects of the HCV Elimination Programme. Ultimately, testing and treatment rates in prisons have increased and NHSE considers the prison estate to be one of the biggest successes so far in the Elimination Programme.

In My Shoes: 24 Hours with Crohn’s or Colitis

by Mearns & Pike and Electric Putty for Crohn’s & Colitis UK and Takeda

Right now, more than 300,000 people in the UK are living with a lifelong disease that many people have never heard of. In fact, the real number could be almost double that. Many of the people in the UK living with Crohn’s or Colitis feel that there’s a lack of awareness, empathy and understanding of their condition.

Crohn’s & Colitis UK and Takeda partnered to create the immersive app experience – In My Shoes: 24 Hours with Crohn’s or Colitis. The app enables people to step in the shoes of someone living with Crohn’s or Colitis and understand the impact of these conditions on daily life.

The partnership was a true collaboration from the start and with the support of digital agency Electric Putty and communications agency Mearns & Pike, the app was downloaded 23,000 times in 2019. This led to a 27% increase in both empathy and understanding of Crohn’s and Colitis and a significant decrease (almost 50%) in apathy towards the impact  that these conditions can have on daily life.

It Takes Guts to talk about Crohn’s and Colitis and thanks to this partnership In My Shoes helped to ignite that conversation.

From Data to Policy Action: How Pfizer’s CTRL Cancer Partnership is Facilitating Policy Change to Improve Cancer Care in Central and Eastern Europe

by Porter Novelli for Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group/Oncology

Executive Summary

From data to policy action: How Pfizer’s CTRL Cancer partnership is facilitating policy change to improve cancer care in Central and Eastern Europe.

Analysis of the cancer care landscape in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) reveals an alarming disparity between this region and its western counterparts. For patients there, this means lower care standards and Europe’s highest cancer mortality rates, compared with Northern, Southern and Western countries.

The CTRL Cancer Initiative strategy and engagement plan designed by our agency for Pfizer Oncology supports the development of National Cancer Control Plans (NCCPs) and policies in CEE. Our 16 evidence-based CTRL Cancer Country Dashboards present unique analysis on cancer care and policies feeding into policy engagement actions, including: CTRL Cancer Summit; policy interactions and knowledge sharing between countries; workshops and capacity building; and media engagement. This is an innovative, multi-stakeholder partnership of cancer care professionals, clinicians and patient organisations, guided by a board of influential international researchers and academics to ensure maximum relevance to national needs.

Ukrainian partners demonstrated the first significant outcome of this initiative in February 2020. They applied the CTRL Cancer approach for their National Cancer Policy Forum (2020), that encouraged a vote in Parliament to develop an NCCP with focus on screening programmes (currently not available in Ukraine) and unlock funds for its implementation in 2021.

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