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Excellence in the Use of Data to Inform Campaign and/or Communication of Medical Insight Data

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2020 Finalists

Beyond the Visible

by Havas Life Medicom for Galderma

The realisation that the burden of rosacea goes beyond the visible signs is only half the story, knowing who are the High Burden (HB) patients, what are their characteristics and how can HCPs easily identify them is the critical remaining piece. The High Burden patient represents about 1/3 of rosacea patients and is likely to require more attention and support. Without any guidance on how to better help this group of patients, this remained a significant unmet need. A follow-on study among 554 HCPs and 710 patients from six countries, set out to address this need. Through this survey a group of experts developed one single question to identify these patients and based on their responses gave guidance on treatment choices to improve patient outcomes. By setting out a synergistic strategy that leveraged ongoing HCP and patient engagement programmes, a stepwise approach to impact behavioural change was adopted. The first report set out to increase awareness of the burden of the disease and its cause. With this follow-on to the report, we gained guidance for HCPs to integrate a simple question into their consultations, and patients to feel empowered to address how their disease impacts them. Ultimately achieving a personalised treatment approach that aims to get rosacea patients to ‘clear’ (IGA 0) and relief of their burden.

Delivering a Healthcare Intervention: UK Malnutrition Awareness Week

by M&F Health for BAPEN and The Malnutrition Task Force

Malnutrition is both a cause and consequence of ill health and affects three million people in the UK, and one in ten (1.3 million) older people.

M&F Health supports BAPEN and the Malnutrition Task Force in their annual UK Malnutrition Awareness Week campaign, which is focused on raising awareness of the causes, signs and symptoms of malnutrition so that people at risk can be identified earlier and managed better.

In 2019, M&F Health created a strategy that shed light on public misconceptions about weight and ageing, specifically exposing popular myths around frailty in later life. Through a combination of survey data and comment from spokespeople from across the malnutrition community, it shaped the media agenda and told the story across multiple platforms. Tight message control meant that the story was told to all audiences in an appropriate and sensitive way. All this was in the context of a wider campaign and contributed to an uptake in screening as a primary outcome.


by Pegasus for Bayer

In the UK, about one in eight men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime.1Having conversations about prostate cancer and its symptoms can make a difference to the way the disease is managed, the patient’s day-to-day life and the long-term outcome of his disease. Manversation is a national campaign, funded by Bayer and supported by prostate cancer charities, Orchid and Tackle, that aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer and encourage men to have conversations with their families, and ultimately their healthcare professional, as soon as they experience them. The campaign targets men with prostate cancer and their loved ones, with content specifically designed to help generate online and offline discussions on the importance of men tackling these tough ‘Manversations’.

In 2019, the campaign focused on supporting the sons and daughters of men with prostate cancer to feel better equipped to have a conversation with their father about his symptoms. The campaign helped to raise awareness by securing national broadcast coverage which reached a potential audience of >4,870,000 and was able to engage hundreds of men with prostate cancer and their families via a multichannel campaign to offer them support in having Manversations.

Emma, Work Colleague of the Future

by Virgo Health for Fellowes

We have more health education than ever and yet we’re getting sicker. One of the biggest reasons for this? The office. Ergonomic workstation solutions company Fellowes, wanted to raise mass awareness of the health implications of sedentary desk lifestyles and become an authority on the subject of workplace health. We worked with globally respected Behavioural Futurist William Higham, and experts in ergonomics and occupational health, to research the effects the office will have on our future health if we don’t take action now. We created the Future Work Colleague Report, but a white paper wouldn’t help Fellowes gain mass media headlines, so we built Emma – a life-size model of the work colleague of the future. She’s a horrifying glimpse of our future poor health based on current office working practices. Within 24 hours, Emma and the report became a worldwide cultural phenomenon, a meme and TV star, all driving unprecedented enquiries for Fellowes.

Wake Up To Psoriasis Patient Activation Programme

by WE Communications for LEO Pharma

Psoriasis is associated with a number of serious under-recognised co-morbidities – including itch and significantly disturbed sleep. This debilitating element of psoriasis is rarely acknowledged or discussed, even with HCPs who routinely fail to ask their patients if itch/sleep loss is a problem.

Many people who are living with psoriasis “put up and shut up”, with two thirds admitting that they don’t actively seek support from their GP for their psoriasis.

The issue of sleep was first raised by LEO Pharma’s Voices in Partnership (ViP) patient advisory group. LEO Pharma and the Psoriasis Association decided to investigate further with a programme designed to uncover the full extent of sleep deprivation on people with psoriasis.

Market research comprising three elements was commissioned with over 2,000 people: Quantitative with members of the public, quantitative with people with psoriasis and qualitative patient diaries. The research was intended to reveal the impact of psoriasis on itching, sleep and the psychological well-being of patients. The insights informed Wake Up To Psoriasis – a patient activation campaign across media and social channels. This resulted in 75% of patients engaging with the campaign online indicating they will visit their doctor to discuss psoriasis (n = 1,537 people polled).

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