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The Porterhouse Medical Award for Innovation in Scientific Communications

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2020 Finalists

Changing Practice in Dermatology through a Multifaceted, Innovative, Immersive Approach to Learning: the ‘Hands-On’ Programme

by ApotheCom – A MEDiSTRAVA Company for Novartis

Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a chronic, progressive, systemic inflammatory disease that can occur in up to 30% of individuals with psoriasis. More routinely diagnosed by rheumatologists, studies have shown that PsA is under-diagnosed in dermatology clinics which can create delays in treatment, leading to poorer outcomes for the patient.

Designed in collaboration with an expert panel and founded in unearthed insights, Hands-On is a multifaceted, innovative and immersive learning programme that was developed to enhance the ability and confidence of dermatologists in assessing their patients with psoriasis for signs of PsA.

Hands-On was launched and rolled out at ten major dermatology congresses through symposia and booth activities. The campaign comprises patient experience videos, disease education quizzes, practice-based experiential examinations via an augmented-reality app and prosthetic hands with an accompanying video guide of how to perform an examination.

To date, over 3,000 HCPs have been educated by Hands-On via major congresses and smaller MSL-led local events, changing practice globally. The Hands-On app was successfully launched on the App Store to allow a wider reach and learning experience, and the programme continues to grow and evolve with the success seen to date.

A Path to Cure: Shining a Light on MRD in Multiple Myeloma

by Edelman for Janssen Oncology

Given the great strides that have been made in cancer treatment, the current gold standard measure of evaluating whether cancer treatments provide clinical benefit, overall survival (OS), can be out of date. The concept of minimal residual disease (MRD), however, has the potential to completely change how we think about success in cancer treatment – and what a cancer diagnosis means for patients. This is particularly pertinent in multiple myeloma, a currently incurable blood cancer which 48,000 people in Europe were diagnosed with last year alone.

A lack of consensus on the clinical application of MRD testing is resulting in confusion and the concept and science of it is not widely understood across the broader cancer community.

To address this, we convened the key voices in the debate to shed light on MRD; helping them unlock what MRD means by co-creating a compulsive viewing documentary. This was supported by a targeted social media amplification strategy, which introduced others to the concept, with ongoing online amplification via these healthcare experts.

“Thank you for the initiative and sharing the video. This is very important to a broader audience who is yet unfamiliar with the concepts of MRD.” – Best regards, Dr Bruno Paiva.

INSPIRIS RESILIA Aortic ValveTM Mind Racing

by Syneos Health Communications for Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences were looking for an engaging and interactive congress tactic. The primary task was to improve the knowledge of INSPIRIS RESILIA aortic valveTM, and find an innovative way to draw attention to this equally innovative heart valve and product features. A single-player, Edwards-branded, interactive experience was created, themed around a cycle race for EACTS 2018. Using Mynd Play, which utilises electroencephalography technology, delegates were invited to take part in a race and to ‘come and test the power of their mind’. This original tactic is founded on technology that has been around for decades. By amalgamating old with new, a revolutionary digital experience was born. This similarly imitates the evolution behind the product itself. INSPIRIS RESILIA aortic valveTMis built on the foundation of PERIMOUNT, a trusted valve platform for more than 30 years. We further developed an existing campaign visual by filming a cycle race. We created a setting that put surgeons into the cycling environment to experience the metaphor. The more resilient the mind, the closer they got to a coveted place on our leader board. And the more they were able to reflect the resilience of INSPIRIS RESILIA aortic valveTM.

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Dr Richard White, MP PhD, Oxford PharmaGenesis - Communiqué Judge

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