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The Say Communications Excellence in Communication Through Creative Execution

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2020 Finalists

A Unique Bond

by Burson Cohn Wolfe for Boehringer Ingelheim

Dislike for pharma has never been higher. As an industry leader operating in the much-maligned pharmaceutical sector, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) had an urgent need – and opportunity – to shift the debate.

BI’s concern was that unyielding public antipathy towards ‘Big Pharma’ risked that the firm’s own pioneering work in human and animal health and its compassionate corporate ethos would be overlooked. It had to positively stand out in the sector, to challenge negative perceptions and to transform hostility into advocacy, ’A Unique Bond’ did just that.

A creative social campaign that spanned five continents and 30 countries was only made possible by the digital-first approach undertaken by the client and agency team. It broke through the noise to champion the bond between a pet and its owner, and its positive effect on physical and mental well-being.

By removing the pharma lens, BI made way for an unrestricted and fresh vision to be shaped and effectively showcase its dedication to human and animal health. Having gained 15 million engagements with campaign social posts, A Unique Bond resonated across nations, continents, cultures and age groups – celebrating the unity of BI’s two biggest business pillars within one storyline.

Stories That Never Stand Still

by Edelman for Takeda

Often misunderstood and labelled ‘troublemakers’ from an early age. For ADHD teens and their parents, it’s an uncertain time. There are many ADHD resources online, but mostly for parents of young children who have just been diagnosed, or older people living with ADHD – there are limited resources to inspire 12-17 year olds finding their way in the world with a neural-diverse, ADHD brain or resources to support the parents & teachers who are trying to navigate growing up with an ADHD teen. Stories that Never Stand Still aims to connect ADHD relevant audiences to share a positive view of ADHD.

We created ‘Stories That Never Stand Still’ – a free, not-for-profit, storybook, full of real stigma-smashing stories about ADHD as a celebration of what the brilliant ADHD mind can do. It’s the only book out there which is:

  • Created BY people living with ADHD
  • ABOUT living with ADHD
  • Designed to be interesting and compelling FOR people with ADHD.

The cover-to-cover inspiration helped teens to see how ADHD could be their strength rather than their downfall…and that their lives could be as extraordinary as anybody else’s. Brought to life by artists and illustrators with ADHD too. It’s funny, informative and true. Literally, cover-to-cover inspiration for ADHD teens.

Let’s Talk More

by Havas Just:: for Campaign To End Loneliness

Every year, Havas Just:: adopts a cause with a link to health, through our CSR initiative, A Just:: Cause. In 2018/9 we selected Campaign to End Loneliness from 12 applications. We chose loneliness as it is a growing issue in the UK and because the link to many underlying health conditions is significant but poorly understood.

Loneliness and isolation are on the rise, with nine million lonely people in the UK. Four million are older people, many of whom lack the friendship and support we all need. In today’s society, too many of us are hooked on screens and devices. This means the simple things we could be doing to tackle loneliness, such as smiling at someone or saying ‘hello’, are not happening. We wanted to communicate a call-to-action and create a reminder of how important these simple moments of connection can be.

On behalf of our client, we created the Let’s Talk More shortfilm and campaign. Fronted by the popular comedian Andy Parsons, the film – set up as a stunt in a shopping centre – broke down the barriers to conversations through shared laughter and storytelling.

Breaking Depression – A Story of 40 Million Broken Pieces

by Publicis Health for Janssen EMEA

Breaking Depressionis a European awareness campaign created by Janssen EMEA and Publicis Health to enable the public, with support from HCPs, to better understand and help those with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

With no innovation in 30 years, MDD is poorly recognised and understood. Though most people want to help, few feel comfortable broaching the subject due to the associated stigma. By encouraging more conversations, could we help more people feel able to speak up? To cut through, we needed a novel metaphor.

The concept of feeling ‘broken’ is symbolic of MDD and a multidiscipline agency team leveraged the insight behind the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi to create Breaking Depression. Translating as ‘golden joinery’, it involves repairing broken objects with gold lacquer, treating breakage and repair as part of an object’s history, not something to be concealed. Analogous to managing MDD, it respects the cracks, while recognising that the repair is complex and takes time.

We created a high-impact, creative campaign to maximise reach and engagement via social, digital, face-to-face and out-of-home touch points in partnership with HCPs, PAGs and artists to help tell our story, raise awareness and improve understanding.

Emma, Work Colleague of the Future

by Virgo Health for Fellowes

We have more health education than ever and yet we’re getting sicker. One of the biggest

reasons for this? The office. Ergonomic workstation solutions company Fellowes, wanted to raise mass media awareness of this workplace issue and become an authority on office health. People know that desk jobs are bad for our health, but like smoking, knowing isn’t enough to change bad habits. To make meaningful impact, we needed a creative activation that would shock people to action. Say hello to Emma. Our work colleague of the future. She’s a life-size model of our future poor health, based on scientific research into current office working practices. Within 24 hours Emma became a worldwide cultural phenomenon, a meme and TV star, all driving unprecedented enquiries for Fellowes.

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