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Excellence in Engagement Through Digital Channels

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2020 Finalists

Putting AstraZeneca R&D on the Data Science and AI Map

by AstraZeneca with support from The Difference Collective and Boardwalk PR

Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to transform medicines discovery and development. To fully realise this potential, a new genre of experts – data scientists, are needed. In November 2019, AstraZeneca R&D had over 100 new data science and AI roles to fill. These experts are in high demand and AstraZeneca had yet to communicate much externally in this space. Greater awareness of AstraZeneca’s ambition and progress was needed if data scientists were to consider them a good employment option. Through November, a takeover of the company’s digital channels, .com, YouTube and social media, highlighted how data science and AI was being embedded across R&D.

A focus was put on the company’s experts – ensuring they were at the heart of the content which was optimised through their personal social media accounts. As a result of the campaign, awareness of AstraZeneca ambition, approach and impact in this space was raised and candidates saw and referenced the content in interviews. The campaign contributed to the filling of 136 data science and AI vacancies. AstraZeneca also featured in top Google search rankings related to data science and AI.

BREATHLESS: The Story of Life with Severe Asthma

by Edelman and ENGINE MHP for AstraZeneca

Today, more than 33.9 million people have severe asthma, yet significant opportunities remain to expand care. These patients can face an extensive journey (up to seven years) to receive their diagnosis. Once diagnosed, they can experience additional delays and challenges to accessing the specialist care and treatments needed to manage their condition. As a consequence, their lives are disrupted by regular visits to the emergency room, hospital admission and the potentially debilitating side effects of long-term exposure to oral corticosteroids.

Driven by AstraZeneca’s commitment to improve patient outcomes and to challenge existing approaches to care, Edelman and MHP, in collaboration with AstraZeneca, PRECISION and GAAPP, were tasked to demonstrate the realities of living with the disease and highlighting the opportunities to improve care for patients around the world. We did this by leveraging the actual stories, voices and realities of real patients – leading us to create an independent, impactful, thought-provoking, emotive documentary to ‘disrupt’ the traditional pharmaceutical policy and disease awareness campaign targeting healthcare professionals and policymakers through digital and multichannel strategies. BREATHLESS: The Story of Life with Severe Asthma tells the powerful stories of three patients and issues a clear challenge to prioritise urgent reform in severe asthma care.

It’s More than Height, It’s Health!: Empowering Parents to Measure their Child’s Growth

by Edelman for Novo Nordisk

A child’s growth, including height, is a key indicator of his or her overall health. Delayed or interrupted growth can signal rare underlying conditions, such as Noonan syndrome or growth hormone deficiency. By measuring their children regularly, parents can help signal these conditions; however, most parents in the UK are unaware of the importance of measuring their child and some lack the confidence or knowledge to do this correctly.

In 2019 Novo Nordisk launched, an online resource to equip parents with the information and tools to measure their children regularly and correctly. To reach parents in the UK in a trustworthy way, we co-created an influencer campaign during Children’s Growth Awareness Week, which involved parenting influencers sharing their experiences and engaging with parents through their social channels. To provide parents with the opportunity to interact and ask questions about their children’s growth, we conducted a Facebook Live event in partnership with Mumsnet, featuring celebrity doctor Dr Hilary Jones.

This innovative approach to influencer engagement ensured Novo Nordisk’s messages reached parents in a genuine way through a variety of social media channels, but most importantly helped us to build rapport with parents in the UK and empower them to measure their children.


by Portland for Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health (RCPCH)

Recruitment into, and retention within, the NHS workforce is a significant and pressing challenge facing the UK health system. Medical students choosing to specialise in paediatrics fell by nearly 10% between 2016 and 2018. In 2017, The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) was forced to run a second recruitment round for paediatric training, marking a first time for the College.

The RCPCH challenged Portland to devise a communications campaign that both encouraged medical students to apply to, and experienced paediatricians to continue in, the profession.

Portland developed a digital, national campaign showcasing an authentic insight into the life of a paediatrician. Alongside this, dedicated content was produced aimed at experienced paediatricians, recognising their fundamental role in inspiring the next generation of doctors.

Based on this research Portland developed a series of emotive videos which flipped the interview approach: paediatricians were interviewed by children. Audience targeting ensured the digital launch succeeded in reaching critical audiences.

A month into the campaign, videos had been viewed more than 500,000 times with impressions of more than 1.7 million, with practising paediatricians saying the campaign achieved “…a hugely innovative spotlight to shine on an enormously important issue in the UK”.

Magic Numbers Pilot

by WE Communications for Amgen UK

Almost one in five people who have had a heart attack will go on to have another in the same year. Research undertaken by Amgen amongst people who had experienced a heart attack and had raised cholesterol, demonstrated that 82% were highly concerned about having another heart attack, 46% didn’t know their cholesterol levels and that there was confusion about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol.

In collaboration with HEART UK, Amgen decided to implement a patient activation programme to address this issue. Amgen and WE designed a pilot to test whether audience segmentation and engagement via digital channels would activate patients to ask their HCP for a cholesterol test – the defined conversion outcome.

The Patient Activation Measure and COM-B behaviour change model were used to segment patients and inform the messaging and campaign content. The focus was on targeting patients most likely to take action as a result of seeing content.

With nearly 3,000 conversions of high-risk patients, the work drove positive outcomes, moving beyond the less measurable media-focused tactics that have traditionally been used. A ‘test and learn’ approach provided data to inform future implementation in a way that allows for specificity in targeting, both geographically and across patient audiences.

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