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Excellence in Social Media Strategy

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2020 Finalists

A Unique Bond

by Burson Cohn Wolfe for Boehringer Ingelheim

Dislike for pharma has never been higher. As an industry leader operating in the much-maligned pharmaceutical sector, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) had an urgent need – and opportunity – to shift the debate.

BI’s concern was that unyielding public antipathy towards ‘Big Pharma’ risked that the firm’s own pioneering work in human and animal health and its compassionate corporate ethos would be overlooked. It had to positively stand out in the sector, to challenge negative perceptions and to transform hostility into advocacy, ’A Unique Bond’ did just that.

A strategic social campaign that spanned five continents and 30 countries was only made possible by the digital-first approach undertaken by the client and agency team. It broke through the noise to champion the bond between a pet and its owner, and its positive effect on physical and mental well-being.

It transformed BI’s corporate reputation in the eyes of the public and internal stakeholders, whilst exceeding all targets. The campaign marked a decided shift in the public’s perception of BI, directly leading to a 1,053% increase in positive sentiment towards the brand amongst those with anti-pharma views.

Mums with a Message: Tackling Vaccine Hesitancy Among Young Mums

by Frontera Group

The subject of vaccination has been contentious this last year across the world. As misinformation spreads about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, old diseases previously eliminated have resurrected themselves in various pockets of the world. The United Kingdom and Europe as a whole have not been immune to this, with a high volume of measles outbreaks being reported in 2019 and higher level of vaccine hesitancy. Our initiative, Mums with a Message, was developed based on patient needs identified through insight-gathering and understanding of behaviour change science to create awareness on the importance of vaccination and its benefits to broader public health through peer connections and experiences. Our aim was to help mums to develop peer-to-peer connections and encourage each other to vaccinate their children through a less traditional multichannel approach that combined popular selling app Depop. and Instagram to provide peer-supported information about the benefits of vaccinations and enable mums to share stories about why they didn’t hesitate to vaccinate and to encourage other mums to do the same.


by Havas Life Medicom for Galderma

Our skin is one of the primary ways we connect with those around us. It’s an important factor in how we are perceived by others, and how confident we feel about ourselves. For rosacea sufferers the visible facial symptoms associated with their condition – redness, spots and lesions – can lead to feelings of embarrassment, shame and isolation, with many opting to hide their imperfections under heavy make-up.

But, how can we change this stigma if we are hiding from the World?

Launched during Rosacea Awareness Month in April 2019, #RosaceaNoFilter – an influencer-led bare-faced ‘selfie’ social media campaign – empowered people with this chronic, distressing and often misunderstood facial skin disease, to open up and share the burden they face in everyday life. With credible social influencers leading the way, we united the online rosacea community, prompting over 200 bare-faced selfies and honest messages from rosacea sufferers candidly speaking about the challenges of life with the disease.

Harnessing the power of peer-to-peer dialogue to break down barriers and raise global awareness of the true emotional and psychosocial burden of rosacea, the campaign swept across social media garnering over 1m total impressions and a potential audience reach of over 450k.

Tackle TD: On the Sidelines

by Havas SO for Bayer

Havas SO and Bayer UK developed a disease awareness campaign to put a spotlight on testosterone deficiency (hypogonadism) (TD) with a clear call to action for those who may be affected to get checked and treated appropriately.

The primary target audience was men over the age of 55, particularly those who are not as physically active as they once were or who may also have co-morbidities associated with testosterone deficiency such as obesity or type 2 diabetes. Research conducted in advance of the campaign indicates that humour and sport are themes which resonate with this demographic and formed the basis of the ‘On the Sidelines’ creative concept. Women, specifically the partners of men with TD, were the secondary target audience.

The Tackle TD ‘On the Sidelines’ campaign included development of a hero video (with Snappin’ Turtle as production team), a suite of social media content and a paid strategy. There was significant engagement with the content reaching 575,104 people in the primary and secondary demographics, resulting in 28,623 clicks and 5,037 completions of a symptom checker quiz on the Tackle TD website (developed by OI! in 2018) for a spend of just £10,000 for a four-week period.

Breaking Depression – A Story of 40 Million Broken Pieces

by Publicis Health for Janssen EMEA

Breaking Depressionis a European awareness campaign created by Janssen EMEA and Publicis Health to enable the public, with support from HCPs, to better understand and help those with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

With no innovation in 30 years, MDD is poorly recognised and understood. Though most people want to help, few feel comfortable broaching the subject due to the associated stigma. By encouraging more conversations, could we help more people speak up?

To succeed, we needed a novel metaphor that was analogous to MDD. Feeling ‘broken’ is symbolic of MDD and the insight behind the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi was leveraged to create Breaking Depression. Translating as ‘golden joinery’, kintsugi involves repairing broken objects with gold lacquer, treating breakage and repair as part of an object’s history, not something to be concealed.

We created a campaign across digital, face-to-face and out-of-home channels, partnering with HCPs, PAGs and artists to help raise awareness. Social media was core to our strategy, from seeding it with HCPs, to launch activity on World Mental Health Day, to encouraging people to pledge their support to the campaign.

In three months, it reached 28 million people and 32,000 pledged their support to Breaking Depression.

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