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Illustrating the Impact of Brexit on Medicines Supply Chains

by Incisive Health for PAGB

Summary of work

The UK’s departure from the EU threatened medicines’ highly complex supply chains.

Plans to mitigate this threat were hindered by policymakers’ poor understanding of how supply chains work and underappreciation of the importance of over-the-counter medicines.

To overcome these challenges, we developed The impact of leaving the EU on the supply of

OTC medicines brochure.

The brochure translated the complex supply chain of OTC medicines into easy to understand language and images for non-specialist audiences. It highlighted potential points of delay and duplication and gave clear calls to action. Critically the brochure also showcased the scale and importance of OTC medicines for the UK public and economy.

The brochure was well received, opening doors to senior stakeholders. It improved their understanding of the challenges facing medicines supply chains and convinced them of the need to include OTC medicines in ‘no deal’ contingency plans.

Judges' comments

Incisive Health and PAGB put together a great way to approach a very complex topic. A lovely choice of words, which worked well with the graphics in creating an easy-to-follow and compelling document.


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Illustrating the Impact of Brexit on Medicines Supply Chains - by Incisive Health for PAGB

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Debbie Tuesley - Communiqué Awards Director

Key dates

Entry deadline 11 March 2022
Extended entry deadline 18 March 2022
(additional fee applies)
Judging days May 2022
Awards Ceremony 7th July 2022

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