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Healthcare Communiquétor

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Emma Sergeant

Summary of work

Emma’s current role is the President of the DAS Group of Companies in Europe. Within the DAS Group there are many agencies which are either specialised in, or include healthcare. Emma’s role is to drive innovation, enhance collaboration and advance the agencies’ offers to benefit their clients.

Emma has worked extensively in the healthcare sector spanning the NHS, the pharma industry, not for profit and agencies. Her passion and the thread throughout her career is to improve communications in healthcare for the ultimate benefit of patients.

She is also passionate about advising young talent and mentoring. During her time in the industry Emma has recruited and developed many of today’s agency leaders.

At a time when diversity is paramount, Emma plays a key role in many important initiatives that help to promote women into leadership positions. She and is a member of WHAM, WACL and sits on the Omniwomen global council. Additionally, Emma is a judge for Asian Women of Achievement Awards and is on the advisory board for Women of the Future Programme. Emma is working with Said Business School, Oxford on and online development experience for women   She has been a judge for Communiqué for many years and has chaired some of the judging panels.


I’ve worked with Emma for approximately 10 years now while I was with GSK and more recently Bayer. She has always been a great help to me in my role to help me to navigate the extremely variable agency landscape to make sure we are only working with the very best on our brands. I have always appreciated Emma’s honest approach and she is not afraid to give the client advice if it would lead to a better collaboration.

Many other agency contacts I know also defer to Emma as an influence on them and their career which speaks to her passion and status in the industry. I would definitely support this nomination.

Malik Akhtar, VP Marketing Procurement at Bayer

Emma and I have had a business association for the best part of 20 years. During this time, I have witnessed Emma working at cross functional international levels leading both internal and customer staff through a journey with vision and tangible deliverables. Often working to tight timelines and under budgetary constraints Emma has been successful and navigating such challenges with aplomb whilst bringing the broader team along with her. Emma thoroughly deserves to be recognised for her years of service in the industry!

Sanjiv Kanwar, CEO, OXTEX LTD

I have no hesitation in supporting Emma’s nomination of this award. She has been my client, colleague and boss over the years and has always demonstrated a clear commitment and drive to improve healthcare communications in that time. She is a passionate leader and does everything with a unique style and sense of humour. Emma has also always taken time to champion industry-wide causes and initiatives, to ‘move the dial’ in our field.

Matt de Gruchy, CEO at OPEN Health Patient and Brand Communications

Emma is all about innovation and people. I have seen her create new business ideas, drive new approaches to healthcare communications and help develop new talent from the point at which they take their first position to ending up leading an agency. It’s great to see her using her experience, insight and business acumen to deliver new collaborative approaches to the delivery of healthcare comms solutions in her role as CEO at OMC. She is respected and respectful of clients, peers and those personnel who work for her.

June Dawson, Founder of healthclub_

Emma has been dedicated to this industry for so many years and has not only pushed for the advancement - she has created opportunities to drive the industry forward. Not only in her early work but more importantly as a strong committed leader to so many in recent years.

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Emma - she was a great boss but always admired how she brought teams together to rally behind a brief despite the challenges thrown her way - deadlines, budgets, erupting volcanoes. She always takes it in her stride and as a result so does the rest of her team.

When working with Emma she always found a way to deliver the wow factor. Working late nights to early mornings. Finding funding to really bring an idea to life. Spending that extra time with a client to know who they were and what they needed. Sometimes the simple things are missed in our business. But it is the extra effort that makes the difference...Motivating a team to create "that" video to really hit home an idea... The commitment to find external speakers to motivate and inspire clients and internal teams in equal measure. Emma always wanted to make sure her team had the next big thing before anyone else.

Those of us who were lucky to work with her will easily say she is ambassador of the industry - those who have not will still know her name

Absolutely I have loved working with Emma she is a real inspiration and a formidable force.

Trish Shepherd, COO OPEN Health Patient & Brand Communications

Emma is an extraordinary communicator, seamlessly combining commercial vision with much softer people skills, which makes for an extremely powerful and compelling mix. In my time working with her as an agency leader within Omnicom, I have never ceased to be impressed by her understanding of my business but also of the team I led, identifying not only commercial opportunities for the network, but also encouraging career development for myself and the team around me. She has been generous with her time and played an important role in the process of educating the team about the importance of healthcare communications and painting the big picture of the how they play a vital role in public health and beyond. To sum up, she has been an inspiration and a guiding light for the people who have been fortunate enough to work with her.

Dave Kaye, CEO at Peek Content

Emma has always been committed to breaking new ground, for example by ensuring creative solutions that make a different to patient's lives when undertaking client work, and providing the best quality educational and communication work to HCPs. Emma has always been a pioneer in healthcare communications in the eyes of everyone who works with her.

Emma is a passionate leader and provides inspiration in any team meeting /event by sharing her experiences, and sometimes comical stories, that were always memorable! Emma relates well to everyone she worked with and is skilled at working out how to get the best out of people and keep them focused. She is honest and straightforward, very fair, and someone who you could trust at all times. I loved working with Emma and have very fond memories of working closely with her for over a decade whilst at Ogilvy Healthworld.

In every pitch and client brief, Emma would come up with creative and sometimes slightly wacky ideas - that would capture imaginations and wow clients and HCPs alike. Emma set up Fast4wd which specialised in clinical trial recruitment and retention whilst at Ogilvy Healthworld and quickly became an expert in this area, and this was one of the only companies in the UK to provide such specialised and dedicated services. She saw a niche in the market and went for it - in true Emma style!

Emma is both respected and admired across the industry and is firmly established as an innovative and experienced leader.

Emma has inspired so many of my colleagues, and been a fantastic support to me, even since we no longer work together. The strong leadership she provides, makes a real difference with her clear vision for the task in hand and how to achieve results. She developed and grew Ogilvy 4D and created a unique medical education agency, and in more recent years she then created significant revenue growth through the Ogilvy GBM where we also worked together closely. Through this, the key clients for Ogilvy Healthworld grew in terms of revenue, but more importantly in terms of respect for Emma (and her teams), her industry network of contacts and strong relationships, and her ideas and expertise. She is a real asset to the industry, and the best leader that I have ever worked with.

Sarah Savage, Associate Director for Pegasus

Emma was part of a vanguard of smart pharmaceutical marketers who brought the leadership, management and creative skills gleaned from commercialising GSK brands to revolutionise the world of healthcare communications in the late 90s. Working in teams with agency lifers these client side experiences enabled a significant evolution of the agency service offerings such that they better met the needs of clients. As part of this Emma was a pivotal leader in the creation of the Ogilvy Healthworld 360 approach to driving collaboration between advertising & branding, medical education and PR specialists to take agencies and their clients out of silo’d thinking. She was also instrumental in setting up the wholly new healthcare communications discipline of clinical trials recruitment which has become a mainstay of clinical trials execution today. More recently Emma has been a champion for bringing communications specialists from non-healthcare disciplines to share best practices and insights and broaden the thinking of healthcare communicators. Last and by no means least Emma’s intellect, professionalism, integrity and warm personality have enabled her to become an ambassador for healthcare communicators, especially women in the workplace. Her boundless energy behind OmniWomen and other similar initiatives is helping to ensure that Emma continues to make a real difference in the industry that she has been an integral part of for many years.

Neil McLelland, Scientific Communications Consultant

Emma has been at the centre of creating and driving a truly collaborative, interdependent and supportive network, between and within the agencies and clients in her network. She has created a best in class offering that is making a significant difference to the clients, healthcare professionals and patients alike based on her ability to identify connections, synergies and collaborative opportunities to the betterment of all involved partners. She works with in-depth knowledge across multiple healthcare disciplines, and these skills have been honed over many successful years as thought-leader in healthcare communications.

Stephen Marchant | President, Chameleon Europe

Emma exemplifies passion about integration. Through her bi-annual OMC healthcare CLOSE Summit, she brings together talent from different disciplines to network, share best practice and collaborate. She works hard to eek out opportunities for all agencies to demonstrate competitive advantage and wow prospective and existing clients. On a practical level, Emma consistently ‘wows’ clients in pitches which her sector knowledge and her ambition to ensure clients get the best possible integrated service from OMC. I pitched with her last year and her commitment to ensuring the best possible outcome is admirable. She was a warm and welcoming style which also fosters great collaboration!

Emma launched HealthShare – a flagship healthcare training initiative recently. She worked hard to pool the greatest talent together to ensure OMC health employees have the best sector knowledge who bring this to existing clients as well as prospects. She continues to look for opportunities to inspire and equip leaders with improved skills.

Emma is well recognised within the sector for her high-profile positions and the success she has generated whilst in each. Her experience speaks for itself.

Lisa O’Sullivan, Growth Lead Europe, Health, Porter Novelli

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