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PMGroup are very grateful to the following sponsors for their support of the
2022 Communiqué Awards programme and for their commitment to supporting
excellence in Healthcare Communications.

Langland - Headline Sponsor

Sponsor of: Excellence in Healthcare Partnerships

Who we are
Langland, a Publicis Health company, is the only health communications agency that thinks further across Clinical Trial Experience, Medical Strategy & Education, Public Relations & Policy and Advertising, to create unique value with visionary clients.

What we believe
Health brings us together. In the diseases we suffer, the medicines we create, and the causes we champion, health shows us our collective humanity. When we break the barriers that divide us, when we think further, we can create healthier futures, together.

A passion for craft
Having expert thinking is only part of our story. To ensure excellence in everything we make, we have centred our disciplines around three essential crafts: science, strategy and creativity.


Sponsor of: Communiqué Small Consultancy of the Year

Imagine an agency where your programmes are both conceived and delivered through to completion by the same senior team. Where you can be assured you will receive consistent, high-quality, imaginative work from a trusted partner that will create, challenge (where appropriate) and care for your business. Where authenticity, a sense of fun and bringing energy to everything we do is as important to us as delivering on time, on budget and to the highest standards.

That’s what we stand by and that’s why we’re here.

Let us prove it to you. Visit to find out more.


Sponsor of: The 90TEN Award for Communications Consultancy of the Year

90TEN is a global healthcare communications consultancy with a mission to make people healthier and happier through life-changing education and communications. 90TEN provides PR, medical communications, and patient advocacy services that use behavioural science methodologies to maximise brand and health outcomes. By understanding our audience, 90TEN can help clients determine the simple steps required to inspire meaningful change. This approach, and a culture that celebrates courage and creativity, allows 90TEN to develop communications and medical education programmes that push boundaries.

90TEN is one of the leading healthcare communications consultancies in Europe. In 2020, 90TEN was named Communications Consultancy of the Year at the Communiqué Awards and EMEA Healthcare Consultancy of the Year at the SABRE EMEA Awards. 90TEN is part of Envision Pharma Group – a global provider of evidence-based communication services and industry-leading technology solutions. To find out more, visit

Anthem Public Relations

Sponsor of: Excellence In Engagement Through Social Media/Digital Channels – Over £51,000

Igniting credible, convincing health conversations…

What we believe

Bringing credibility to conversations around health has never been more important. There’s an epidemic of health misinformation, and a greater need than ever before to unite credible voices to ignite convincing health conversations.  With a rare strength in media and influencer relations, Anthem’s award-winning team offers a fresh approach to health PR which cuts through the noise.

What we do

We influence conversations between corporations, healthcare professionals and people, creating common understanding to transform people’s lives by driving changes in belief and behaviour.

The Anthem team understand the importance of uniting corporate perspectives with disease awareness, brand, and molecule-specific understanding. Our compelling, credible communications campaigns ignite convincing conversations by embedding real-world insights alongside focused creativity to deliver measurable results.

Who we are

Our team of passionate, freethinking communications experts are wholeheartedly dedicated to the improvement of health. They inject energy and vision to exceed expectations, constantly striving to deliver more for their clients, their colleagues and themselves.

If you need a freethinking perspective to ensure your communications campaigns, or career, truly sing then get in touch with or visit

Arc Bio Communications

Sponsor of: Healthcare Communications Advocate
Innovation in Scientific Communications

Arc Bio Communications exists to help pharma and biotech organisations maximise the value of their innovations. Designed to deliver the best of scientific, commercial and communications counsel, we combine the rigour and strategic capabilities of management consultancy, the scientific expertise of medical education and the creativity and reach of healthcare communications.

We partner with several of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies as well as ground-breaking biotech organisations and help them to:

  • Tell their innovation stories through leadership communications, medical and commercial strategy, positioning and narrative development
  • Transform the innovation potential of their organisations through employee engagement, change activation and behavioural change
  • Realise the value of their innovations for patients through brand and franchise positioning, commercial strategy and operational preparedness

Our team offers a unique blend of scientific knowledge, commercial experience and strategic communications expertise. Our approach is driven by our deep understanding of the relationship between innovation, leadership and reputation and the opportunities and pressures that are shaping the pharma and biotech landscape of today and tomorrow.

Our clients trust us with their most important innovation opportunities and challenges. In return, we give them strategies that deliver genuine return on investment, executed with exceptional quality by partner-led teams of industry-leading experts. We are clear-eyed and transparent about where we can add value to our clients’ innovation journeys and that is where we focus our work.

We seek out the most talented and inspiring people from across the life sciences, consulting and communications industries and create opportunities for them to learn and grow as part a company where diverse experiences are valued. We work collaboratively, with integrity and respect and are uncompromising in our support for our clients’ and colleagues’ success.

Ashfield MedComms

Sponsor of: Charitable Campaign of the Year

We are Ashfield MedComms.

We create engaging medical communications to inform, educate and motivate.

We combine deep scientific knowledge with relevant, bold creativity to achieve life-changing results that transform the way you talk to patients and those who care for them.

Our reach is global. Our understanding is local. We have built a team of over 750 experts dedicated to solving your medical communication challenges around the world, across over 100 disease areas. As individuals, they are dedicated to bold, challenging thinking. As a team, they are stronger together.

We already work with some of the most respected names in healthcare, what could we do for you?

Let’s make it matter.


Sponsor of: Communiqué Public Affairs And Policy Consultancy of the Year

Aurora is here to make profound change. Inthemiddleism is not for us.

Doing everything we can to improve lives is what gets us up in the morning. That’s why since 2005, we’ve been running campaigns that reach, inspire and activate – patients, families, healthcare professionals and beyond.

We do it for all of the top global pharmaceutical companies, charities, med tech firms, devices and manufacturers. And our approach works: we evidence our impact using our comprehensive Acumen framework.

Every day, we’re actively involved in shaping the healthcare industry, running initiatives such as Access all Areas, championing true collaboration and debating the future with leading thinkers.

Have a look at what we do, and if you want to chat, why not say hello? If you want to improve lives, and prove it, we’re here for you.

Bedrock Healthcare Communications

Sponsor of: Excellence in Global Education Meetings/Stand-Alone Events

We think differently to ensure our audiences do

We believe better outcomes can only be achieved through great communication – and this requires thinking differently. We delve deeper, understand better and escape the ordinary to ensure a freethinking approach. Our core values are centred around applying passion, dynamism and bravery to everything we do. Bedrock is proud to be leading the charge in award-winning, forward thinking medical communications, applying creativity at every stage to exceed expectations. Having a deep understanding of the patient, the HCP and the landscape – as well as communication and learning methodologies - enables us to imagine, create and deliver influential programmes that make a tangible difference.

Our team of freethinking strategists, scientists and innovators are the driving force behind our success. That is why we invest in a culture where individuals can grow and develop in areas that they are passionate about. We encourage our colleagues to challenge and support each other to continually strive for excellence and deliver ground-breaking programmes.

If you’d like to understand how better outcomes are achieved through thinking differently, please visit and get in touch with Marie Little.

CMC Affinity

Sponsor of: Agility and Flexibility Award

We are brave. 
We are smart. 
We are authentic.

And we are driven by our passion for well-being, be that of our clients, HCPs, their patients around the world, or our team of dedicated individuals here at CMC AFFINITY.

Stopping at nothing until we have created the extraordinary in medical communications.

We are a full service medical communications agency with offices in the UK & US, and as part of IPG Health we also have access to a wide range of health experts across different specialities and geographies. We are proud of our commitment to DE&I and CSR, leading the way with patient engagement and digital innovation in medical affairs.

COUCH Health

Sponsor of: Excellence in Patient Programmes

COUCH Health is a creative health engagement agency that has purpose at its heart.

That purpose is driven by a very personal experience. In 2002, one of our founders lost their father to prostate cancer:

  • Had his doctor been sufficiently educated on the signs to look for, he might still be here today.
  • Had their father understood his own symptoms, he might still be here today.
  • Had their father’s healthcare team been aware of potential life-saving clinical trials, he might still be here today.

To achieve this, our team has one main mission: to make health human. That means we’re challenging the norm to make health experiences more inclusive, equitable, accessible and empathetic. And we can only make this happen if we understand the real-life challenges that are at play.

By connecting with people — the patients, caregivers, communities and healthcare professionals — we’re ensuring that we’re making changes that matter to truly improve health experiences for all.

Our best-in-class, human-centric approach means that everything we do at COUCH Health, from insight research to engagement activities, through to content creation and marketing approaches, is always conducted with our mission in mind — making health human and that is #theCOUCHway

What we do:

  • Health engagement
  • Health communications
  • Health equity


Sponsor of: Excellence in Corporate Communications – Internal Stakeholders
Excellence in Corporate Communications – External Stakeholders

dna Communications is a healthcare communications agency with unique thinking, insight and attitude.

dna Communications helps its client partners negotiate the healthcare sector’s ever-changing commercial, regulatory, scientific and communications landscape. dna understands that every patient, disease and therapy is different. As is every message, stakeholder and challenge. dna’s approach involves: different thinking to develop strategically relevant platforms with clear and measurable goals; applying different insight to understand how to change the behaviour of those it engages with and; adopting a different attitude to inject a real sense of passion and collaborative spirit into everything it does.

This meaningful development of strategic, engagement, educational and behavioural change programmes ensures dna can help deliver initiatives which are As Different as You.


Sponsor of: Leadership Award for Action on Workforce Diversity and Inclusion

Driven by our values of excellence, curiosity and courage, we help organisations to show up differently – enabling them to launch life-changing medicines, introduce first-of-a-kind vaccines and share stories of innovation that change the world forever. With a deep-rooted knowledge of the health sector at our core and unique ways to gather insights, we communicate about developments that transform people’s lives, take on the world’s toughest health challenges and lead the debate about important policy and treatment issues.

Each year we measure levels of Trust both globally and across different industry sectors including health. The Edelman Trust Barometer is the largest global study of Trust in the world and has been running for twenty years. The pandemic is a pivotal moment for healthcare companies. To maintain these high levels of trust, companies must not only deliver on the public’s urgent needs – they also must demonstrate their commitment to society more broadly.

If you’d like to find out about how our experienced and award winning health team can help you or more about the Edelman Trust Barometer, please reach out to

Hanover Communications

Sponsor of: Excellence in Multichannel Communications

Healthcare is evolving rapidly. To stand out from the crowd requires a potent combination of rich insight, innovative ideas and flawless execution.

We are an uncommon health communications agency with a deep understanding of today’s complex healthcare environment.

Providing smart thinking, refreshing storytelling, and breakthrough solutions: from strategies through to entire campaigns.

We pioneer new routes and break new ground to deliver breakthroughs for our clients.

We work for a broad mix of healthcare clients, including: pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, healthcare service providers, charities and healthcare professional and public-sector bodies.

From our offices in London, Brussels, Dublin and Dubai, and through The Ecosystem network of partner agencies, we deliver award-winning programmes across the UK, Ireland, the EU and internationally.

Healthcare Consultancy Group

Sponsor of: Excellence In Medical Affairs - Transformation

We are Healthcare Consultancy Group, a global leader in medical communications comprising of 8 interconnected agencies with distinct personalities and complementary skills. Our agencies are united in a common vision, accelerating product understanding and acceptance, bringing clients’ medicines closer to the patients who need them.

HCG is an incubator for the relentlessly curious. Our appetite for creating strategies that lead to better patient outcomes is never satisfied. We are the dreamers, the catalysts, the innovators. We make things happen.

Above all, we believe that when you bring people with insatiable minds and boundless curiosity together, great things happen.

We invite you to come for the work, stay for the culture and have an impact.

JPA Health

Sponsor of: Excellence in Media Relations

At JPA Health, we sync-up PR, marketing and advocacy to share our clients’ commitment that helps people live healthier lives. Some might say we are obsessed with improving and protecting lives. This ideology inspires our work. Our passion drives meaningful relationships. It stimulates intellectual curiosity. It pushes us to combine data and intuition to go deeper and see beyond the obvious. It  drives sophistication and creativity to solve complex problems. Our exclusive focus on health means that clients can count on a team with experience and perspective to deliver results. JPA Health is an independent, full-service communications agency. We are proud of our heritage and the award-winning work we get to do every day.

Langland - Headline Sponsor

Sponsor of: Excellence in Healthcare Partnerships

Who we are
Langland, a Publicis Health company, is the only health communications agency that thinks further across Clinical Trial Experience, Medical Strategy & Education, Public Relations & Policy and Advertising, to create unique value with visionary clients.

What we believe
Health brings us together. In the diseases we suffer, the medicines we create, and the causes we champion, health shows us our collective humanity. When we break the barriers that divide us, when we think further, we can create healthier futures, together.

A passion for craft
Having expert thinking is only part of our story. To ensure excellence in everything we make, we have centred our disciplines around three essential crafts: science, strategy and creativity.

Lucid Group

Sponsor of: The Lucid Group Award for Public Health Communications

Founded in 2007, Lucid Group is a global multi-capability healthcare consultancy with core expertise in commercial strategy, healthcare communications, creative and brand strategy, motion, digital and technology. We partner with the pharma and biotech industry, delivering life-transforming value with connected capabilities to create pioneering solutions that change behaviour and advance health outcomes.

Using the latest technology, we help our clients create joined-up experiences regardless of channel. Through audience-focused design, we fuse insights, digital and motion with creative and scientific strategy to provide compelling experiences that take the audience on a journey – empowering them to learn, understand and act.Transforming lives. Always.



Sponsor of: Healthcare Communiquétor

Lumanity was formed to bring together diverse perspectives and unique clinical, scientific, and functional expertise to uncover innovative, yet pragmatic approaches to address the complex set of challenges on the path to market. We apply incisive thinking and decisive action to cut through complex situations and deliver transformative outcomes to accelerate and optimize access to medical advances.

We partner with life science companies around the world to: generate the evidence needed to demonstrate the value of their products and bring them to patients at a price reflective of that value; translate science and data into compelling product narratives that are relevant to stakeholders around the world; and enable commercial decisions to position these products for success in the market. We’ve been illuminating new possibilities and driving impact for global clients for over 30 years.

In a world where the velocity and volume of data can be overwhelming, it’s essential that your strategy and plans effectively articulate your scientific breakthrough to enable healthcare providers, regulators, payers, and patients to understand the value of your product. We partner with our clients and work as scientific and business stewards to inform and guide strategic decision-making and implementation to bring meaningful innovations to patients.

M&F Health

Sponsor of: Excellence in Communications - Payers/Policy Makers
Excellence In Engagement Through Social Media/Digital Channels – Under £50,000

M+F Health is an independent, integrated public relations and public affairs agency.

Our work is meaningful, making a significant, positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the UK. We deliver on this every day through an unrivalled and deep understanding of the healthcare environment.

We approach every client brief with a forensic approach, dissecting the problem, rigorously researching, and applying our expert insight. We work with agility delivering complex briefs and building campaigns with impact.

Working with us provides you with a plethora of thinkers, and doers, uninhibited by silos and working collectively to tell your stories and deliver your messages in a cohesive and compelling way. We're made up of policy and government affairs experts, traditional and social media specialists, Public Relations experts, communications strategists, writers, scientists, and crisis managers. We work brilliantly together, take great pride in our autonomous culture, and we're passionate about what we do.

Proudly independent, we work on projects that inspire and excite us. Our clients span the breadth of the health and wellbeing sector. We work with pharmaceutical companies, professional organisations, social enterprises, technology company and even film distributors, and we win awards for our work.

Makara Health

Sponsor of: Excellence in National or Local Education Meetings/Stand-Alone Events

At Makara Health, everything we do is informed by integrity, intelligence and kindness. Set up with an agile model from the start, Makara brings together the brightest minds in the industry to work in partnership with our clients to:

  • Ask the right questions,
  • Explore the possibilities and
  • Inspire change.

Our highly experienced team come from a range of diverse backgrounds enabling us to offer clients tailored programmes that encompass elements from our five main offerings: Medical Education, Learning and Development, Brand and Promotion, PR and Communications, and Patient Education. From the smallest project to the largest programme, we care about delivering the highest quality strategy, outputs and outcomes, supporting our clients as part of their wider team. At Makara, as soon as we’re in, we’re all in.

Want to find out more? Email us at or call +44 (0) 23 81 247 327. For more information visit


Sponsor of: In-House Team of the Year

We are Mind ‘PLUS’ Matter. The ‘plus’ is important to us because we are all about offering more for our clients and employees.

We deliver more by going beyond traditional brand storytelling into the world of data and technology, to create meaningful experiences driven by data and emotions to ultimately change behaviours.

What makes us distinct?

Behavioural science that delivers measurable and meaningful real-world outcomes

Strategic omnichannel planning to ensure impactful and relevant engagement with our audiences

Data across consumer audience insights, medical and scientific, alongside deep channel expertise

Courageous creative inspired by the courage of the communities we serve

Mind+Matter comprises 250 passionate experts, world-class thinkers, scientists and doers pushing the boundaries of their craft and expertise. We have full-service teams situated on both the East and West Coast of the US (Boston, New York City and Oakland respectively), and across three locations in the UK (Brighton, London and Manchester) to service our EU clients.

Open Health

Sponsor of: Excellence in Communicating and Using Data

OPEN Health brings together deep scientific knowledge, global understanding, and broad specialist expertise to support our clients in improving health outcomes and patient wellbeing.

We are united as one flexible organization, harnessing the power of the collective to solve complex challenges. Being built from cohesive partnerships across a range of specialist sectors gives us the ability to approach opportunities from fresh perspectives, creating solutions and innovations for market access and medical communications that are informed by the experience and knowledge of the many.

Our global team of experts — many with PhD and PharmD degrees — work strategically alongside our client partners in Medical Affairs, Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), Market Access, and Commercial teams across a wide range of therapy areas.

OPEN Health – Established as many. United as one.

Page & Page and Partners

Page & Page and Partners

Sponsor of: Excellence In Communication Through Creative Execution

Imagine working with a team who want to inspire behavioural change in healthcare professionals, to drive improvements to patient outcomes while ensuring business success.

Page & Page and Partners is an award-winning creative communications agency, specialising in health, lifestyle and wellness. We are on a mission to change lives. Using our 4Ds process (Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver), we take the challenges you’re facing and apply imagination and empathy. Then, using creatives, writers, scientists and strategists, we deliver insight-driven, multi-channel solutions that overcome our audience’s confirmation bias, adding value by speaking directly to their sense of identity.

We’re here to help extraordinary people do extraordinary things. Using active consideration, we see the world from other people’s eyes in order to solve challenges – this gives us the power to think differently, and to craft and implement novel and engaging solutions.

We’re on a mission, as one of the truly independently owned top agencies working on a national, regional and global level, to transform the healthcare landscape into one that is fit for the future.

Say Communications

Sponsor of: The Say Communications Award for Excellence in Communication Through Creative Execution

Say Communications

Communications that drive positive change...

We are a HEALTHCARE COMMUNICATIONS agency specialised in ethical and consumer health and medical technology.

In the evolving world of healthcare communications, we are a HYBRID, integrating PR with the best of other disciplines. Influencing positive behaviours and inspiring change is what drives us, we use insight, thought leadership, education, peer influence and compelling narratives to go beyond awareness and engage with a wide range of audiences on a deeper level.
Driven by insight, expertise and fresh thinking, our communications programmes create and leverage strategic opportunities in the environment. We build and broker relationships with people and organisations, working together towards mutual benefits.
We are outcomes focused and metrics led.

Services: strategic communications at all stages of a product lifecycle; KOL, patient and consumer engagement programmes; corporate positioning and communications; multi-channel communications integrating social and traditional media; social engagement for idea generation.

Areas of expertise: Prescription medicines, medical technologies, devices and diagnostics; OTC and consumer health products; specialist nutrition; NHS services, private health service providers.

We are based in London, UK and are the founding member of the Plexus international network.

Fluent in positive change.


Sponsor of: Excellence In Medical Affairs-Led Scientific Exchange

Sciterion is a medical affairs agency delivering excellence in medical education and communications.

Everyone is entitled to health, but not everyone is healthy.

Our vision is to enable rapid and consistent translation of medical breakthroughs into improved quality of life.

Scientific storytelling is at the heart of what we do – ensuring that the medical programmes we deliver mean learnings stick.

We work with our clients, healthcare professionals and patients to share best practice and latest data to influence continual improvements in disease management.

Core to our offering is scientific strategy, external expert engagement, medical education, scientific/medical events, and patient engagement.

We give science a voice.

Virgo Health

Sponsor of: Early Career Achiever in Healthcare Communications

Virgo Health is a leading global health communications and medical education agency. We combine deep knowledge and experience in high, science, clinical practice, and public health with the best in creative consumer marketing and branding – progressive, innovative and bold.

Beyond the regulation and complexity healthcare is an industry with people at its heart, which is why everything we do starts with our ethos, Being Human. It means understanding our clients and audiences as individuals to build powerful campaigns that earn attention in authentic, personalised and creative ways.

We’re passionate about helping people to make better decisions about health and wellbeing. Whether that is clinicians selecting the best treatment, patients understanding their disease better or empowering consumers to self-treat. Our services include corporate reputation, consumer health, issues management, employee engagement, creative medical learning, meeting facilitation, publication planning, social media, content creation, creative services and media and influencer relations.

We work with clients from our London and New York offices, but as part of Golin and the Interpublic Group we are also part of a bigger networked team that works on complex multi-agency, multi-market business.

We make no apology for boasting about our brilliant team and the great work we do, we are proud to be a Great Place To Work 11 years in a row and to have created one of the most awarded Healthcare PR campaign of 2020, culminating in the PRCA Campaign of the Year.

To find out about sponsorship opportunities at this year’s Awards, contact our Sales Team on +44 (0)1372 414200, or email

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Annabelle Sandeman, Huntsworth Group – Co-chair Communiqué Awards

Key dates

Entry deadline 11 March 2022
Extended entry deadline 18 March 2022
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Judging days May 2022
Awards Ceremony 7th July 2022

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