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Excellence in Patient Education and Support

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HS Online

by AbbVie with support from Biosector 2, a Syneos Health™ Company

Summary of work

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is chronic skin condition which results in painful lesions, nodules and boils around the armpits and groin. Though it is estimated to impact 1% of the global population, the HS community experiences low diagnosis rates and extraordinary delays in care.

AbbVie created the first ever global campaign to help drive awareness of HS in patients and HCPs so more people receive a timely diagnosis and learn more about how they can best manage their condition. There was so little content available online that we decided our initial approach was to provide educational content (including patient testimonials). In partnership with a patient advocacy group and KOLs AbbVie developed content such as tips on wound care, lifestyle, smoking cessation and weight management; assisting both diagnosed and undiagnosed patients. We also developed an interactive assessment tool to allow people to check whether their symptoms could be HS. Users could take their results, alongside consultation tips, with them to their doctor, enabling them to have a more informed conversation.

HS Online has been localised in 43 countries and, as of June 2018, has reached over 2 million people worldwide.

Judges' comments

HS Online had a big, global reach, with the website being available in many different national versions thanks to support from local affiliates. It was put together with very strong execution and good depth of insights into the condition and the patient experience. This was made possible because of a consistent use of patient feedback and a continual learning approach.

Highly commended

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Key dates

Entry deadline 26 August 2022
Extended entry deadline 2 September 2022*
*additional fee applies
Judging Day 6 October 2022
Company/Team of the Year Interviews 21 October 2022
PMEA Event 23 November 2022