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Customer Focus Award


The ONE Programme: Excellence in Optic Nerve Evaluation (ONE)

Pfizer in association with Quintiles Medical Communications

Summary of work

Some 67 million people suffer from glaucoma. Left untreated, it can lead to irreversible blindness; if detected early, treatment can prevent progression. Diagnosis is complex – according to several studies more than 50 per cent of people go undiagnosed; half of these have actually seen an ophthalmologist. 

A change in optic nerve appearance is often the first step in detecting glaucomatous damage to the eye. The European Optic Disc Assessment Trial (EODAT) showed that 20 per cent of evaluations by European ophthalmologists are inaccurate and highlighted variability in diagnostic accuracy between ophthalmologists, with some only as accurate as a coin toss, emphasising the need for improved training. 

To address this clinical need, European ophthalmologists were engaged in the innovative Optic Nerve Evaluation (ONE) programme to improve diagnostic skills measurably, providing positive impact on professional confidence and competence. To make the practical programme clinically relevant, the optic nerve images needed to be viewed in 3D, using a method that did not affect image pallor. 

The hands-on training programme provided 100 delegates from 15 European countries with a practical, clinically relevant training experience combining high-quality plenary sessions with intimate, interactive workshops, supported by ongoing optic nerve self-assessment. 

Following evaluation by delegates, the ONE programme received an impressive 5.4/6 with 100 per cent scoring very good/excellent and 100 per cent classed the clinical relevance as either very good/excellent, with 94 per cent scoring an average of 5.7/6.

Extremely high-scoring and positive feedback illustrates how well the programme addressed an unmet need in the ophthalmology community. Within four months of the ONE programme, rollout meetings had taken place in several European countries with further meetings planned. 

Judges comments

“This was a very good meeting; the results were great and linked well to objectives. They really showed what works.”

Stakeholder comments

“Optic Nerve Evaluation is the cornerstone of accurate diagnosis of glaucoma. Despite this it is still an area where ophthalmologists show a lack of confidence and often competence. This is due to the challenge of being able to look critically at an optic nerve image and be able to assess whether it is normal, borderline or definite glaucoma. The introduction of imaging technology also means that this skill is not being fully developed by ophthalmologists despite it being a fundamental part of glaucoma management. We delivered one of the best professional educational programmes that I have ever had the privilege to be involved in and it delighted all of my customers who attended. This is truly a programme to be proud of and we hope it will continue to educate and delight our customers for many years to come.”
European Brand Director, Pfizer

Key dates

Entry deadline 25 August 2023
Extended entry deadline 1 September 2023*
*additional fee applies
Judging Day 10 October 2023
Company/Team of the Year Interviews 3 November 2023
PMEA Event 22 November 2023