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Finalists 2010 - Digital Innovation Award


Company: Janssen in association with Creative Lynx

Campaign: Concerta XL


Company: Janssen in association with Creative Lynx

Campaign: Velcade information centre


Company: Pfizer in association with Republic M!

Campaign: Depo-provera established products business unit



This new award recognises the advances made in marketing programmes delivered via a digital channel or channels, to specific stakeholder groups as part of an integrated overall marketing plan or alone. Entrants needed to describe the decision-making process that led them to the use of the chosen media. They also described how the impact of the programme was evaluated and demonstrated the impact of the digital marketing activity within the target audience.

Award sponsor

Digitas Health


Campaign overview -  Concerta XL

Company: Janssen in association with Creative Lynx

Concerta XL was a market leading treatment in the management of Child and Adolescent ADHD. However the market share had been reducing, with a share of voice reducing at different rates depending on the prescriber. The team developed a unique proposition to communicate the benefits of the twelve hour formulation of Concerta XL for a child's social and emotional development and revitalise the brand.
The team developed a fully integrated campaign based on thorough market understanding, pioneering technology and striking design that would deliver a consistent and compelling brand proposition, across a spectrum of channels to different groups of healthcare professionals. Highly successful, it showed evidence of a truly integrated closed-loop solution thanks to the carefully designed digital products that were essential components of the marketing toolbox.



Judges' comments

"A comprehensive marketing campaign built on customer/patient insights, with impressive content across several digital channels. It delivered impressive results."

"We liked the closed loop solution, which allows tailoring of the e-detail and the email bulletins that could be sent afterwards. Yet another very good quality submission with clear outcomes reported."


Stakeholder quote

"I found this very useful. I was much more involved in the presentation and the material was much easier to take in. It was also good to see other colleagues' recommendations on video. Everything felt more relevant, like it was personalised to me."
Dr S.H – healthcare professional



Campaign overview - Velcade information centre

Company: Janssen in association with Creative Lynx

Details of this entry have been withheld in the interest of confidentiality at the request of the company



Judges' comments

"Impressive results driven by a clear understanding of the market."

"A clear marketing strategy in newly diagnosed patients and extending duration of therapy that delivered impressive outcomes. We liked the flexibility of the sales tool with full compliance for the account managers for delivery of appropriately tailored messages."



Campaign overview - Depo-Provera established products business unit

Company: Pfizer in association with Republic M!

Depo-Provera lost patent protection many years ago. Research indicated that there was a misconception amongst HCPs around the risk/benefit ratio of this mature product. The team identified that the best way to deal with this was to adopt a live on-line selling programme, MedCall. The format of personal selling enabled discussion to develop, misconceptions to be uncovered and specific issues to be addressed without the luxury of a sales force or large marketing spend.



Judges' comments

"A creative and intelligent and innovative campaign with a strong rationale for e-channel selection, this could have been high risk given the proportion of marketing budget invested, but it was a success and achieved impressive results."




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Key dates

Entry deadline 25 August 2023
Extended entry deadline 1 September 2023*
*additional fee applies
Judging Day 10 October 2023
Company/Team of the Year Interviews 3 November 2023
PMEA Event 22 November 2023