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Finalists 2010 - Healthcare Collaboration Award


Company: Pfizer in association with Our Life & NHS North West

Campaign: Reaching out


Company: Daiichi Sankyo UK in association with Ash Healthcare

Campaign: Olmetec on trial


Company: MSD

Campaign: The MSD societal-orientated patient-centric strategy (SPS)


Company: Pfizer in association with Courtney Alexander Consulting

Campaign: Joint working with NHS local stop smoking services (LSSS)



This category relates to marketing activities conducted in the UK or Europe, where an organisation showed that in promoting its product, device or portfolio of products, it had recognised the emerging constraints on healthcare systems and could work with healthcare providers to satisfy the needs of both players.

Judges were looking for evidence of a two-way dialogue, joint learning and joint benefits. Marketing activities could relate to a product launch, established product or portfolio, and deal with issues affecting local healthcare stakeholders. 

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Campaign overview -  Reaching out

Company: Pfizer in association with Our Life & NHS North West

The North West has the highest death rates in the UK from heart attack and stroke, together with the highest rates of long term mental health problems and hospitalisation from violent injuries. 'Our Life', then part of NHS North West, approached Pfizer to look more closely at that sector of the population who were not routinely using the NHS and identify ways to ultimately transform the health and wellbeing of that sector of the North West population. 

As equal partners in the project, Pfizer were able to provide value through their commercial acumen, communication and marketing skills. Working closely with 'Our Life' they helped to research, gain insight and inform the strategy as to how best to encourage this group to participate in their own health.

Together these partner organisations met all their objectives and clear recommendations were made using the insights gained. Partner organisations have developed a sustained relationship and a joint desire to continue to work together and share partnership experience across the SHA.




Judges' comments

"A very interesting piece of work. Although relatively short-term, this project has resulted in excellent relationships and the benefits for the NHS and patient health are clear."



Campaign overview - Olmetec on trial

Company: Daiichi Sankyo UK in association with Ash Healthcare

Daiichi Sankyo needed to differentiate Olmetec in this undifferentiated market, having been one of the last in class to enter. They needed to ensure that Olmetec's value and place in prescribing was clearly communicated to key prescribers and influencers so that it would achieve its rightful place on formularies and guidelines – something fundamental to future success.

Their strategy was to stimulate debate with key clinicians and prescribing advisors around the arguments for and against Olmetec in an innovative and stimulating format, in the context of the real pressures such as NICE and QOF.



Judges' comments

"An innovative approach to an old idea of data review. This was a simple and novel way of engaging key customers in a debate, which would prove to be useful to them. It enabled a better appreciation of the brand and armed them with rationale for inclusion on formularies. It was very effective in achieving this and the campaign is now being rolled out nationally."


Stakeholder quote

"Holding the meeting in the style of a courtroom trial was a refreshing, imaginative and innovative format. On a practical note it allowed the evidence to be presented and debated in a way which is probably far more relevant to real life practice than the traditional slide presentation format. Certainly the format was engaging and, as a result, I am sure that it will also have enhanced learning for the attendees."
Professor of cardiovascular medicine and epidemiology/consultant physician



Campaign overview - The MSD societal-orientated patient-centric strategy (SPS)

Company: MSD

The MSD Societal-oriented Patient-centric Strategy (SPS) recognises the need to improve dialogue and understanding within the NHS to increase access to safe, high quality care and infusions of Remicade across all its indications. The partnership that they established in this project saw provider arms of the NHS able to increase their cash flow by Payment by Results and have better capacity planning and productivity schedules. Payer arms engaged with the SPS are continuing to produce results that meet the NHS Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention agenda.

The programme enabled MSD to become a pivotal part of the necessary communication and planning process, allowing a patient-centred NHS to consider the separate elements of a service that affects the patient experience through the improvements of quality of care, innovative solutions to local challenges and increased productivity. In addition, the increased access to service has improved the potential to prevent long term disease.



Judges' comments

"This is a successful and demonstrable partnership with benefits for all concerned. There was a high level of engagement; this is an excellent example of how working together with shared agendas and trust can produce significant improvements in health outcomes."


Stakeholder quote

"At my last appointment the nurse picked up that my blood tests were slightly abnormal as my white blood cell count had dropped. They delayed treatment until everything was normal. I wouldn't have had that sort of assessment if I'd had my treatment at home."
Patient, Portsmouth Queen Alexandra Hospital


Campaign overview - Joint working with NHS local stop smoking services (LSSS)

Company: Pfizer in association with Courtney Alexander Consulting

Smoking cessation is a high priority for all Primary Care Organistions. NICE guidelines for smoking cessation recommended that, to optimise success rates, healthcare professionals should offer referral to a Local Stop Smoking Service (LSSS) and should discuss all pharmacotherapy options available to smokers, however it became clear that many LSSS were struggling to achieve targets.

A pilot initiative, in collaboration with a cross-section of LSSS, was developed with the objective of up skilling LSSS staff across a range of disciplines, facilitating closer collaboration with GP practices and increasing adherence to best clinical practice, as outlined by NICE and the Department of Health.

Increased footfall and better clinical practice would increase the chances of meeting quit targets, without additional funding from Pfizer beyond the supply of expert consultants. All other activities were funded from the PCTs own budgets. The results demonstrate the sustainability of the collaboration and promise much for the future roll out of the project into 2010 and beyond.



Judges' comments

"A great start for a long term project with a flexible and customer-focused approach. We liked the built-in learning/refinement of activities as the project progressed and the fact that those skills and processes put in place will enable each LSSS to continue to operate more effectively, without the need for ongoing support."

"They delivered impressive and sustainable results with good patient outcomes and set a high standard for collaboration between the industry and NHS."



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Key dates

Entry deadline 26 August 2022
Extended entry deadline 2 September 2022*
*additional fee applies
Judging Day 6 October 2022
Company/Team of the Year Interviews 21 October 2022
PMEA Event 23 November 2022