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Pharmaceutical Market Europe - February 2017

In the February issue of PME we look to balance the changes that are already the theme of 2017 with some much needed stability.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - January 2017

The January issue of PME kicks off 2017 by analysing some of the seismic changes that are affect the industry over the next 12 months and beyond.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - December 2016

This month we hear from the European Commissioner for Health on the burden European countries face from chronic diseases.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - November 2016

This month we place behavioural change under the spotlight in a special section, where our expert contributors offer their thoughts on areas such as translating the theory into practice, applying it to brand planning and the supporting function played by design.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - October 2016

PME October 2016

There’s no shortage of ambition at GlaxoSmithKline, whose chief immunology officer and senior vice president of their R&D pipeline Paul-Peter Tak we spoke to for this month’s executive interview.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - September 2016

How confident are you in your country’s healthcare system? It’s the central issue for this month’s cover feature, which focuses on a global study of healthcare perceptions and offers up useful insights into how people think and feel when faced with healthcare decisions

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - July/August 2016

Generating customer value, biosimilars, Brexit implications and immunotherapy directions

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - June 2016

Diversification, Brexit, rare diseases and the power of brand creativity

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - May 2016

The time for change is now, as our cover feature on medical affairs puts it, but there’s a transitional theme to much of this month’s PME

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - April 2016

Merck's Uta Kemmerich-Keil talks to PME about adding value, Amgen’s Sue Rees argues the case for pharmacovigilance and we assess access to health services in Europe.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - March 2016

This month PME met Novo Nordisk’s senior vice president for marketing, medical affairs and stakeholder engagement Christian Kanstrup, heard from EphEMRA and looks at some new roles for social media.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - February 2016

Transformation is, once again, in the pharma air this month, with a shakeup at Novartis as it revamps its business and looks to reinvigorate its underperforming eyecare division Alcon.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - January 2016

Welcome to your first PME of 2016, which in company terms has already started with a bang and the news of Shire’s acquisition of Baxalta for $32bn - coincidentally the same size as AbbVie’s offer for Shire last year, before US tax changes brought that deal crashing to a halt.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - December 2015

Marketing innovation against a backdrop of restricted budgets

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - November 2015

In the November issue of PME we speak to Astellas about its first decade of operations and where it hopes to move over the next ten years.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - October 2015

In the October issue of PME we look at how Bayer has been transforming its approach to technology and working to build digital into its DNA.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - September 2015

In September’s PME we look at the local role for global market access teams, and pose the six big questions that will shape your access strategy.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - July/August 2015

This month we hear from Janssen’s Cyril Titeux on the industry’s pricing, access and reputation challenges

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - June 2015

The June edition of PME sees an interview with EATRIS’ finance director Anton Ussi on the institute’s new nine-nation healthcare partnership and its long-term plan.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - May 2015

The May issue of PME looks at an award-winning and innovative project by Novo Nordisk to improve patient outcomes.

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