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The role of women in science and technology

Women in science

Why the lack of female leaders in pharma and life sciences is a problem that still needs to be fixed

China’s homecoming heroes fuel a biotech boom with rapid CAR-T advances

Maria DahlChina secures a place at the forefront of innovative medicine

Staying ahead in the era of precision medicine

Precision medicine councilA call to action for healthcare communicators

Alzheimer’s: the search for a cure

Alzheimer's treesWill Biogen’s aducanumab re-energise the hunt for pharma’s white whale?

20 for 2020 – Five pharma leaders to watch in 2020

Five pharma leaders 20 for 2020Five individuals we think will have a key role to play in the sector in 2020 and beyond

The Gallery

A visual showcase of agency work. Track down an agency from the image, track down your competitors' work, search by product or therapy area to pull up, for example, cardiovascular campaigns. Click here for a portfolio of hundreds of campaign visuals – updated regularly – free for you to reference. Agencies – to add your work to The Gallery please contact us.


Beyond the Blame Game: Improving Patient, Physician, Pharma Relations

We often hear patients report a lack of ‘connection’ with their physician, and where lifestyle plays a role in the development of a disease, such as obesity or type 2

Transforming Access to Medicines Through Patient-Centric Solutions

As medicines access evolves and pharmaceutical companies take an increasingly nuanced approach to it, it’s ever-more important to focus on particular aspects of this area and investigate whether firms are

The Future of Marketing in Life Sciences: Is your function fit for purpose

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing as it responds to a multitude of well-known issues. Coupled with emerging digital technologies, these drivers are shaping the industry, moving it towards a

The Power of Storytelling in Health: Friend or Foe?

With traditional media moving online, and the era of social media driving stories through the ethernet, never has a ‘story’ been more impactful.

Country reports

The death of the cancer drugs fund?

UK flagNHS England's siloed budget and its uncertain future

Is obesity really a problem in Brazil?

Obesity is on the rise in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in urban settings

Turkey: A growing pharma market with huge potential

The Turkish biopharma market offers many opportunities - if it can overcome its sustainability challenge


Webinar: Customer engagement design

Customer engagement design pharma Webinar: Customer engagement design

The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Watson on jeopardy IBM's Amer Fasihi on the rise of Watson

The impact of new technology on healthcare

Mindy Daeschner PSHealth PMLiVE speaks to Mindy Daeschner, director of healthcare technology company PSHealth.

White papers

Virtual Research Grants Submission and Approval Program

Impetus Digital summarizes how a client established an independent grant review committee and a virtual grant submission and approval program, without having to travel and meet in person.

The field team are off the road! What should they do next?

Written by Briony Frost , OPEN Health

We need to wrap our heads around this!

There is no shortage of information developed in healthcare communications that’s intended to help health seekers understand their treatment and medication options. Unfortunately, health literacy statistics among patient groups strongly

Communicating through video

It's likely that video is about to replace a lot of your face-to-face appointments.

COVID-19 Updates and Daily News

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