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The Chronicles of Pharma: a creative review of pharma’s journey to omnichannel

JulAug cover image

Chris Ross conducts a literary-inspired review of pharma’s pursuit of communications excellence

Pre-launch planning and DSLs – the new ways to create launch excellence in pharma

Pre-launch planningLooking at the top three goals of pre-launch and the role of digital scientific leaders and social media in launch excellence

Pharma’s authentic proof of purpose influences decisions among HCPs and payers

Purpose-Graph-3.jpgBy Ludivine Delattre and Stacy Vaughn

Mastering oneself

mastering oneselfWhat does it take to be a biomedical strategy expert?

The AMR Action Fund is combating antimicrobial resistance, but much more action is needed

Dr Henry SkinnerBy Henry Skinner, Chief Executive Officer of the AMR Action Fund

The Gallery

A visual showcase of agency work. Track down an agency from the image, track down your competitors' work, search by product or therapy area to pull up, for example, cardiovascular campaigns. Click here for a portfolio of hundreds of campaign visuals – updated regularly – free for you to reference. Agencies – to add your work to The Gallery please contact us.


Beyond the Blame Game: Improving Patient, Physician, Pharma Relations

We often hear patients report a lack of ‘connection’ with their physician, and where lifestyle plays a role in the development of a disease, such as obesity or type 2

Transforming Access to Medicines Through Patient-Centric Solutions

As medicines access evolves and pharmaceutical companies take an increasingly nuanced approach to it, it’s ever-more important to focus on particular aspects of this area and investigate whether firms are

The Future of Marketing in Life Sciences: Is your function fit for purpose

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing as it responds to a multitude of well-known issues. Coupled with emerging digital technologies, these drivers are shaping the industry, moving it towards a

The Power of Storytelling in Health: Friend or Foe?

With traditional media moving online, and the era of social media driving stories through the ethernet, never has a ‘story’ been more impactful.

Country reports

The death of the cancer drugs fund?

UK flagNHS England's siloed budget and its uncertain future

Is obesity really a problem in Brazil?

Obesity is on the rise in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in urban settings

Turkey: A growing pharma market with huge potential

The Turkish biopharma market offers many opportunities - if it can overcome its sustainability challenge

White papers


How to embrace behavioural science principles in healthcare MR

Top 10 ways to leverage the Impetus InSite Platform® to (virtually) launch your brand

The Impetus InSite Platform® can be used to facilitate virtual and hybrid engagement at all stages of the product lifecycle. Here, we share 10 of the most popular ways to

Employee wellbeing in creative agencies: three tips to get you started

Paul Hutchings, founder of fox&cat, and new friend, Welfy, a workplace wellbeing training firm, discuss the importance of collaboration

Managing unhelpful pressure in your creative agency: the human approach

Paul Hutchings, founder of fox&cat, answers the questions: what does it mean to be human in 2021? Are we putting ourselves under too much pressure?

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