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Dialysis Diaries

Insights, information and updates for those living with kidney failure

Published: 28 May 2012

dialysys diaries offers expert insights, information on treatment types and regular updates from renal patient bloggers.

Client: Baxter Healthcare

Agency: eBee

Campaign: Dialysis Diaries

Timescale: 2011 ongoing

A quick look

“First the good news or the bad news?” said the consultant.  Seeing my trepidation he continued, “The good news is that you’ve not got that condition. The bad news is we’ll be seeing a great deal of one another in future years!”  (Norman and Anne).

Dialysis Diaries is a community site in which a group of renal patient bloggers discuss their life on different types of treatment. It has been developed to provide renal failure patients with enough information to compare dialysis options, form an opinion on which is the most suitable treatment for them, and actively engage their healthcare professionals in meaningful conversations.


Kidney failure touches all aspects of life, from work, to family to lifestyle in general. Baxter wanted to offer a destination where patients can learn more about how others live with their illness – helping them to make informed decisions about their own treatment.


Dialysis Diaries features a series of regularly updated blogs written by a group of patients with renal failure. The bloggers discuss how renal failure affects their daily lives, and how they cope with their treatment. They also post video diaries where they talk about their illness and therapy.

Dialysis Diaries features some ‘social network’ elements. Visitors can ‘Like’ blogs they are interested in, subscribe to RSS feeds to receive blog updates and ‘Share’ posts through other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. The site also features expert-authored articles on renal failure and information on treatment types.

Dialysis Diaries is a bespoke patient community. By positioning Dialysis Diaries as a standalone resource, it encourages users who do not necessarily wish to share their illness across established social media platforms. Instead, they are developing a targeted, disease-centric network, and learning from other patients.


The Dialysis Diaries site had an astonishing 354 hits within the first week it went live. It has since had almost 5,000 visits since its launch just nine months ago.

In recognition of the value of this project for kidney failure patients, the National Kidney Federation (NKF) has endorsed the site, lending their logo to the homepage and a banner ad to Dialysis Diaries from their own site – this link directs almost 20% of the site’s traffic. The NKF has also advertised the site in its quarterly magazine, and the Secretary of the NKF has praised the site publically in speeches and articles.

Client verdict

Sharron Greatorex, senior product manager at Baxter Healthcare, managed the project with eBee. “By building a community from scratch we can offer social network features that we can closely manage, alongside patient information, blogs and video diaries. This is really well suited both to our business needs and the needs of patients,” she says.

And the patients have extremely positive things to say too: “I am absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to Dialysis Diaries.  I foresee a great future for what I am sure will be an interesting, informative resource, and, I hope a source of some comfort to kidney patients everywhere.” (Trevor - In centre Haemodialysis)

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