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Healthcare Glossary

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Commission on Human Medicines (CHM)

Part of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), CHM was established in October 2005 combining the responsibilities of Medicines Commission and the Committee on Safety of Medicines. CHM's remit includes:

  • advising ministers on matters relating to human medicinal products (except those that fall under the remit of Advisory Board on the Registration of Homoeopathic Products (ABRH) and Herbal Medicines Advisory Committee (HMAC))
  • advising the licensing authority (LA) where the LA has a duty to consult the Commission or where the LA chooses to consult the Commission including giving advice in relation to the safety, quality and efficacy of human medicinal products
  • considering representations made in relation to the Commission's advice (either in writing or at a hearing) by an applicant or by a licence or marketing authorisation holder
  • promoting the collection and investigation of information relating to adverse reactions for human medicines (except for those products that fall within the remit of ABRH or HMAC) for the purposes of enabling such advice to be given

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Commission on Human Medicines (CHM)


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