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Case study: Logic IBD Nurse Education Day and Recognition Event

Improving IBD nurses' skills and knowledge and recognising their work

Published: 13 Jan 2020

Logic IBD nurses

Client: Tillotts Pharma UK Ltd

Agency: Jango Communications

Campaign: LOGIC IBD Nurse Education Day and Recognition Event

Timescale: N/A

A quick look

Tillotts Pharma UK recognised the lack of educational and professional development opportunities available to IBD nurses, its key customer group. Tillotts wanted to develop a programme that would improve IBD nurses’ skills and knowledge, enhance patient care, recognise and reward nurses, and widen and deepen their customer relationships.

Jango Communications worked with Tillotts to create an innovative, multi- dimensional programme that would fulfil these diverse objectives and have a long-lasting impact on patient care in IBD. Jango worked alongside a core group of clinicians to develop a programme based on their insights. The solution was a dual-aspect meeting: The ‘LOGIC IBD Nurse Education Day and Recognition Event’.

The annual event consists of an educational meeting, including a range of relevant talks and workshops, followed by the ‘recognition’ evening, where IBD nurses’ projects are recognised for their commitment to improving the care of patients with IBD.

Feedback from the winners demonstrates that services are being redesigned following the award, disseminating good practice across Trusts to improve patient care, while professional development has significantly increased, with nurses receiving recognition from within their Trusts, the media and professional publications.


There were few educational opportunities available to IBD nurses, with most programmes aimed at clinicians and not nurses, or with costs associated with them. Nothing existed that recognised IBD nurses and the projects they were running in their clinics, or allowed them to network and share best practice with colleagues.

IBD nurses had limited support with personal development and raising their profile within their hospital/Trust. The programme needed to support IBD nurses and also demonstrate Tillotts’ commitment to education and sharing best practice within gastroenterology.


To create a solid programme to meet the needs of IBD nurses, it needed to be insight-led. Jango worked with a core group of respected, influential leaders in the field of IBD to provide valuable insight into the current environment – what was available
to nurses, what nurses needed.

Using these insights, Jango developed a bespoke annual meeting event that was strongly educational and promoted patient care, and was also personally and professionally rewarding. The full-day meeting was supported by an awards programme to recognise IBD nurse achievements within IBD.

This event and recognition programme provides an ideal opportunity to act as a platform to network and share ideas and best practice, increase the reach of the event and disseminate local projects nationally. The idea was to develop a multidimensional programme that was innovative and brought something welcome to a field that was lacking anything similar, build Tillotts’ reputation and, at the same time, enhance patient care and professional development.


This annual educational meeting has now been attended by 88 delegates, and the recognition programme has accepted over 11 award entries. Attendance at the meeting and applications for the awards are increasing year-on-year. This event is now a platform to disseminate the valuable work being done by IBD nurses and to further develop their careers.

The educational meeting provides a strong, credible programme, with key clinicians presenting case studies and a selection
of topics that facilitate discussion and share peer-to-peer clinical experience.

Client verdict

Kelly Little, Marketing Manager, Tillotts Pharma UK: “Tillotts recognised that IBD nurses, who are at the forefront of IBD patient care, were in need of an opportunity to further their education, and recognise and share the great work they do in order to improve patient care.

The LOGIC IBD Nurse Education and Recognition event was set up to fulfil these unmet needs.Jango’s experience, attention to detail and customer care, along with its ability to simplify the award submission process for customers has ensured the success of the first two of these events. With attendance increasing every year and a lot of positive feedback, we consider this to be a worthwhile investment in IBD nurse education and patient care.”

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