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Case study: OptiMiSe for MS nurses

Meetings based learning journey for multiple sclerosis specialist nurses

Published: 13 Jan 2020


Client: Sanofi Genzyme

Agency: Vivid – A Lucid Group Company

Campaign: OptiMiSe for MS nurses: a tailored, added-value support service for clinical behaviour change towards optimised services

Timescale: N/A

A quick look

In the UK, MS services have been impacted by changing clinical and NHS landscapes. As such, patient access to potentially life-changing treatments has been impacted. Since its launch in 2016, OptiMiSe has continued to evolve, empowering MSSNs to evaluate and equipping them with the skills so that they

can take positive steps towards improving service level provisions. With more than half of UK MSSNs engaged, this has resulted in both cost savings to the NHS and tangible improvements in patient-centric care.


OptiMiSe was launched in 2016 to support Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurses (MSSNs) in the provision of individualised care to patients living with MS. At that time, challenges faced by MSSNs were deemed to be impacting patient access to recommended care – potentially leading to delays in receiving treatment that reduce relapses and disability.

In 2017, while OptiMiSe was proving successful at empowering MSSNs to make clinical practice changes, results from the OptiMiSe Outcomes Audit and Personal Reflection feedback identified gaps in service provision affecting access to treatment due to inadequate infrastructure and skills gaps. As such, it was clear that in 2018 an approach with greater tailoring and increased touchpoints throughout the year was necessary to engender stepwise, ongoing developments to overcome the issues identified.


OptiMiSe is an innovative meetings based learning journey developed in line with the NICE Quality Standards for MS and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s (RPS) four principles of medicines optimisation: patient-centric care; evidence-based patient management; safe, appropriate use of treatments and multi- disciplinary care and nurse leadership.

The overarching strategic approach for OptiMiSe in 2017/18 was to harness the existing credibility of, and engagement with, the programme, while offering multichannel education options tailored to the nurse’s experience and service setting.

The truly innovative component was the introduction of an OptiMiSe nurse community management function; a dedicated team from the medical education agency supporting the programme, that developed relationships and conducted regular follow-up with each MSSN and connected them with appropriate sources of help when barriers arose – from the expert OptiMiSe nurse Steering Committee or relevant members of Sanofi Genzyme.


More than half of MSSNs based in the UK are engaged in OptiMiSe, impacting over 60,000 patients with MS. As a result, more patients are receiving a NICE-mandated annual review and benefiting from a range of NICE- recommended care. Furthermore, 100% of the MSSNs engaged in OptiMiSe agreed that their service is more patient-centric, an RPS-defined principle of medicines optimisation, as a result of making their defined clinical practice change.

In addition, OptiMiSe has directly led to NHS cost savings, the creation of at least one new local infusion service, and another service developing towards becoming a new prescribing centre. It has also resulted in Sanofi Genzyme SOM-led support for MSSNs at different centres to implement new patient pathways across the full spectrum of MS.

Client verdict

“OptiMiSe has evolved to become an integral arm of our Added-Value offering, and we are hugely proud that the programme has enabled incredible service changes, from relapse and review pathways identifying patients needing treatment changes, to safer monitoring processes, and new local outpatient infusion services – including playing a large part in one that has enabled access to one of our products for many new patients while saving the NHS £48,000 annually versus the pre-existing centralised inpatient model. The feedback that we consistently receive from our customers leaves us in no doubt of the value we are bringing to their services and ultimately to people with MS.” Sanofi Genzyme

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