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Case study: See Below

Showcasing the cause of atopic dermatitis to achieve a new level of understanding

Published: 13 Jan 2020

See Below

Client: Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron

Agency: Havas Lynx Group

Campaign: See Below

Timescale: N/A

A quick look

Atopic dermatitis affects approximately 1-3% of adults worldwide. Topical corticosteroids are commonly used to treat atopic dermatitis. Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron launched a treatment to target atopic dermatitis under the skin, tackling the cause and not the symptoms. The campaign needed to disrupt current thinking and motivate change.

How did we help an impactful new treatment stand out at congress? We created a fully immersive experience that transported delegates to a whole new level of understanding: Below, above and beyond.


Congresses are renowned for being over- saturated with pharma companies trying to differentiate similar products. It’s fiercely competitive, with big brands working hard to constantly push the creative boundaries.

But, this new treatment deserved more. After decades of dermatologists and patients getting frustrated with the emollients and steroidal creams cycle, it allowed for atopic dermatitis to be targeted under the skin, at the cause. We needed to pique delegates’ interest and show them a new approach to treating atopic dermatitis. Ultimately, educating dermatologists about the unique mode of action (MoA). First and foremost – we needed to grab their attention. But, how?

Before diving head-first into the idea, we enlisted the help of key stakeholders within atopic dermatitis. We challenged each other rigorously – a collaborative process, where the very people we wanted to attract refined and validated the idea.


We didn’t tell them, we showed them. The biologic treats the cause of the condition, rather than the symptoms.

So, we transported people below the surface of the skin, deep into the MoA. Delegates were taken on what looked and felt like a physical journey. Our very own bellhop, Tony, welcomed passers-by into a wood-panelled Manhattan-style apartment lift. But this was no ordinary lift.

Delegates became passengers on an experiential journey; below, above and beyond the skin. Three bespoke 6K resolution films blended together on seven 98” screens, with immersive sound design, scene-activated aromas and temperature shifts that stimulated the senses.

The doors shut and the journey began. First, descending below the skin to witness the MoA. Then, rising through a  swimming pool, a place where flare-ups are commonly triggered by the sun. Here, delegates could see first-hand the burden of the skin condition on patients. After all that science and burden, we needed to end the 4D lift experience on a lighter note. So, we launched the delegates above Paris and into space. A thrilling end to the experience, that would be hard to forget.

The experiential lift was supported by an unbranded campaign of interactive print, ambient street art and interactive patient burden films at the congress booth, all of which worked together to target delegates throughout their EADV 2018 congress journey. None of the delegates wanted to leave, and some queued again.


The campaign was truly impactful and left a great impression on delegates. And while the lift didn’t really go anywhere, delegate understanding of the treatment did. The congress takeaway: understanding that greater patient outcomes begin below the skin.

  • The business target was to launch and drive awareness of the biologic, the website visits increased by 72% after the congress
  • 5000+ visits to during the three-day congress
  • See Below was at the heart of every single piece of collateral produced for EADV.

Client verdict

“In a sea of ordinary conference stands, the See Below campaign really stands out. It was able to grab people from the minute they walked out of the Metro to the congress. It felt different, new and fresh and it also succeeded in achieving long-term engagement – an outstanding project!” Communiqué judges

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