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Blow on the yogurt

Over the last six months very few creative agencies would have failed to feel the heat of the ongoing investigations by the regulatory bodies on certain brands and been tempted to adjust their tack.
WillisOver the last six months very few creative agencies would have failed to feel the heat of the ongoing investigations by the regulatory bodies on certain brands and been tempted to adjust their tack, over analyse and dull down their ideas, just in case. This overreaction is completely understandable as once youíve been burnt by hot milk, youíll take to blowing on the yogurt.

Now that some of us have been burnt, do we all need to blow it? Obviously, we need to take a responsible stance in every approach to brand promotion but I donít believe the emerging culture of tentativeness is an excuse for letting creative standards cool.

Inspired, engaging and relevant creative ideas should always be pursued and embraced, regardless of industry pressures. I truly believe the situation should not be used to restrict ideas, but be regarded as just another challenging part of any brief which, granted, may force us to step back and think outside the old tried and trusted ways to promote pharma brands.  This rethink, combined with enough passion may spark or drive the search for the elusive, ground-breaking, truly original, creative idea.

SERETIDE - for asthma

Have you ever heard someoneís heart sink? The old Seretide campaign was without doubt consistently one of the best around and a personal favourite of mine. It could always be relied upon to balance emotional understanding and beautiful art direction perfectly.

Not so with the most recent incarnation, which seems to have lost its way. One feeling of control? Shame the same sense of control wasnít exercised with the overly abundant use of the blurry figures or the below par retouching on the park fence. Does Getty have any lifestyle images left in the library?

This could definitely use some attention. Let the ad breathe, delete 60 per cent of the people, 100 per cent of the blurs and find a nice appropriate typeface for the headline. Get out the pooper-scooper, itís yogurt for this.

FORSTEO - for osteoporosis

Forsteo advertOver the last six months very few creative agencies would have failed to feel the heat of the ongoing investigations by the regulatory bodiesThis is a really nice big idea that you could see running and evolving time after time through all media.

The concept is a spot-on piece of insight that the old and crumbly feel incarcerated in their own homes. It tugs on the heart strings and makes me feel guilty about not having seen my gran in ages. (On the other hand itís always handy to have a nosey curtain twitcher in the street to keep an eye on your car.)

what I believe someone should feel guilty about is nearly ruining the idea by forcing a computer graphic of the before and after bone cross sections into the main body of the ad.

Edna Stanley Fletcher deserves a nice cupper. 

LEVITRA - for erectile dysfunction

Having worked on this brand in the past on a global level, I know how hard (phnar, phnar) it can be trying to find a position (snigger) Viagra and Cialis don't own. This ad feels very familiar. Isn't the message of spontaneity the backbone of the Cialis advertising?

The look and feel, while very professional and clinical lacks the mood, dynamism and impact of the recent Arise Sir Stirling, sortED in 10, DTC ads.

A very professional job but it leaves me confused about the position of the brand and the couple in the shot. Iím also sensing that maybe a little too much market research has gone on here.

Sex and yogurt - mmm

DIOVAN - for hypertension

Ga-ga about a pot plant finding fertile ground. I really like the simplicity of this idea, finding alternate uses for baby paraphernalia. You just know the creatives will relish being let out of their playpens to have lots of fun with other executions and media tactics - I know I would.

My only questions would be; does the ad need the line Family complete, and is the shot a little over lit?  Overrall, itís slick, to the point and entertaining.

A great idea combined with a brave client, the perfect match.  Warm up the milk for this one.

Nolan Willis is creative director at Medicus

2nd September 2008


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