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Charity launches 'How to be healthy after breast cancer' DVD

Simple and effective ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle after breast cancer treatment are explained in a new DVD launched today by Breast Cancer Care

Simple and effective ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle after breast cancer treatment are explained in a new DVD launched today by Breast Cancer Care.

The film, called "Eating well-being active: Healthy living after breast cancer", offers practical ways for those affected on how to eat healthily and exercise safely.

The charity, which is the UK's leading provider of information for anyone affected by breast cancer, decided to create the DVD in direct response to calls to its helpline. People with breast cancer were contacting the charity about leading a healthier lifestyle but were uncertain and confused about what they were able to do.

The DVD gives advice about eating a well-balanced diet and regular exercise promote general wellbeing and can help people who have had breast cancer treatment. It can increase energy levels and help to combat some long-term side effects of treatment such as weight gain and fatigue. It also provides a way people can do something themselves to rebuild their lives after breast cancer and help regain self-confidence.

Diet, fitness and medical experts are featured on the DVD to explain easy and practical ways in which anyone who has had treatment can lead a healthier lifestyle. It features the experiences of nine people who have all undergone treatment for breast cancer, discussing the ways in which they change their lifestyles for the better.

"Eating well-being active" is backed by TV fitness queen, Diana  'Green Goddess' Moran, and Rose Gray, founder of London's famous River Cafe restaurant and Breast Cancer Care Ambassador. Both women have themselves have had breast cancer.

"Exercise has always been a part of my life, but I know that's not the case for everyone, and it can feel quite daunting to introduce it into your lifestyle. The side effects of breast cancer treatment can mean that you don't have the energy to even think about exercise, so you should start when it feels right for you and after discussions with your doctor," said Moran.

"Doing more of the things you enjoy, like walking or gardening, can often provide the exercise you need while being fun at the same time. This latest addition to Breast Cancer Care's superb range of information and support offers simple and practical ways of being healthier, which are easy to incorporate into your life and could provide real benefits," added Moran.

Rose Gray added: "Recovering from the effects of breast cancer treatment can take a while, and it might be some time before you feel able to start exercising or changing your diet. It's important to take this at your own pace. But eating a good diet, which is full of fruit and vegetables, and taking regular exercise can help you feel better as you recover your strength, as well as giving you more energy.

Maria Leadbeater, Breast Cancer Nurse Specialist at Breast Cancer Care who advised on the production of the film, commented: "Having treatment for breast cancer is often physically very gruelling. It can take a long time before people feel they have the energy to make changes to their lifestyles. You should listen to your body and start when it feels right for you and introduce changes at a comfortable pace.

"Our film 'Eating well-being active: Healthy living after breast cancer' shows the simple ways in which people can do this and how it can improve mental and physical wellbeing after treatment. It is important though to discuss changes to your lifestyle with your GP or breast care nurse," concluded Leadbeater.

Copies of Breast Cancer Care's new DVD "Eating well-being active" DVD can be ordered free from or by calling the charity's helpline on 0808 800 6000.

14th February 2007


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