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Comedy capers

The great and good of the healthcare ad industry flocked to the Grosvenor House for one of the biggest events in any advertiser's calendar ñ the 2004 PM Society Advertising Awards.

The PM Society 2004 Advertising Awards

The great and good of the healthcare advertising industry flocked to the Grosvenor House on London's Park Lane for one of the biggest events in any advertiser's calendar ñ the 2004 PM Society Advertising Awards.

Laughter was definitely the best medicine as the host for the proceedings, Rob Brydon ñ the star of the hit comedy programmes Marion and Geoff and The Keith Barrat Show ñ soon had the audience in stitches with a crop of one-liners.

One prize has already been given at table five, Brydon revealed. Apparently they had a sweepstake to guess who the host was going to be and someone guessed me. I'm already a winner!

Pointing out that at these types of events a comedian is usually brought out to entertain the crowd, Brydon exclaimed that the PM Society had gone one better this year with no less than three comics.

And for what could possibly be the first time in the hotel's history, the Great Room was transformed into a cramped, sweaty and pokey comedy club as the PM Society, for one afternoon only, opened the doors of its own Comedy Store.

Paul Thorne ñ a member of the Comedy Store's 'cutting edge' team and regular team captain on Channel 5's Bring me the Head of Light Entertainment ñ started the proceedings with a barrage of jokes.

Delighted to be at the Grosvenor, Thorne revealed that as a comedian you only get two chances at presenting awards ñ once on the way up and once on the way down. So, it's great to be back! he exclaimed.

He raced through the politically incorrect spectrum with a steady stream of jokes on Northern, Southern and Scottish people, before finishing with his observations on the follicly-challenged: That Shrek look is very fashionable at the moment!

Milton Jones ñ a crazy comic that would probably have never made it past security had he not been the star of the show ñ replaced Thorne on stage. Dressed in a garish red and yellow-striped jumper, Jones shared his best jokes on the current state of the NHS.

My dad was a doctor and my mum was a nurse. They had six children, he revealed. We all left home early ñ they needed the beds!

I remember one birthday asking for the board game Operation, he continued. I waited three years!

Then it was time for Jim Tavare to take the stage, who was suitably attired in a tuxedo and carrying a double bass.

The bald Tavare was in a miserable mood. He mulled over the fact that he had starred in three Royal Variety Performances, his own television series, and in the latest Harry Potter film, but no one ever recognised him. But then I go and referee one England v Turkey matchÖ he mused.

He also revealed that he is an intelligent man with an IQ of 158, but afflicted by a funny walk: I'm a member of Minsa!

And after the ceremony, the Grosvenor's Ball Room was transformed into a lively jazz club as the PM Society staged its own Blue's Brother's Bash late into the night.

So, without further ado, presents a gallery of the winning work.

See page two for the winners...



GP Direct Mail

Winner: Woolley Pay for Idrolac (A sign of success)
Sponsor: IMS Health

GP Direct Mail Campaign

Winner: Woolley Pau for Mizollen
Sponsor: Langland

Hospital Journal Advertisment

Winner: Matthew Poppy Ogilvy for Cytosafe
Sponsor: Waiting Room Information Services

Hospital Direct Mail

Winner: Affiniti (UK) for Botox
Sponsor: Pharmafocus

Detailing Aid

Winner: PAN Advertising for Crestor
Sponsor: Ashfield Healthcare

Nursing Direct Mail

Winner: Sugar Consultancy for Food for Thought (Strawberry)
Sponsor: Big Blue Communications

GP Journal Advertisment - Art Direction

Junction 11 Advertising for Risperdal (Chest dwellers)
Sponsor: BMA News

GP Journal Advertisment - Copywriting

Winner: Dark Horse Agency for GP Reply (Beans)
Sponsor: Grey Healthcare

Best Overall GP Journal Advertisement

Winner: Junction 11 Advertising for Risperdal (Chest dwellers)
Sponsor: Dark Horse Agency

GP Journal Advertisement Campaign

Winner: Junction 11 Advertising for Risperdal
Sponsor: Lowe Azure

The Geoff Brook Award for Innovation in Advertising

Winner: PAN Advertising for Nutropin Aq
Sponsor: PM Society


Healthcare Industry Advertisement

Winner: Langland for Aventis
Sponsor: Pharmaceutical Marketing magazine

Nursing Journal Advertisement

Winner: Williams Blake Reay for Sudocrem (Man and baby)
Sponsor: Nursing Times

GP Direct Mail

Winner: Norris Lincoln Adcom for Famvir (Car)
Sponsor: Dendrite

GP Journal Advertisement

Winner: Junction 11 Advertising for Risperdal (Witches)
Sponsor: BMJ General Practice

2nd September 2008


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