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Galderma launches Rosacea Space to raise awareness

The platform invites people to share their experiences and what rosacea means to them

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As part of Rosacea Awareness Month, Galderma has revealed its new virtual platform, Rosacea Space, to show how the chronic condition ‘goes beyond the visible’.

The company is calling on the rosacea community, asking friends and family affected by the condition to submit original artistic creations to Rosacea Space, illustrating what rosacea means to them. As well as entries from the public, prominent artists and influencers will feature on the website.

Rosacea is a common inflammatory disease – affecting around 415 million people worldwide – which presents a variety of clinical characteristics, the most common of which are flushing, persistent erythema and inflammatory lesions.

Symptoms can also include stinging, burning and increased sensitivity of the skin. It typically affects the central areas of the face, such as the nose and cheeks, and can cause eyes to be red, dry or itchy. Rosacea can affect both men and women, usually after the age of 30.

As a highly visible disease, rosacea is known to cause anxiety and embarrassment in some patients, which can potentially lead to a negative impact on their social life.

Although various trigger factors are known about rosacea, the actual cause of the condition is still subject to debate. Some triggers can include sun/UV-exposure, spicy foods, alcohol, emotional stress, hot baths and beverages.

In some people with rosacea, Demodex, which are generally harmless mites, can also be found in the skin in an elevated quantity.

If left untreated, the condition can worsen over time. Those that suspect they have symptoms of rosacea should visit their dermatologist or healthcare provider.

In a recent online survey of rosacea patients conducted by Galderma revealed that 69% felt that feelings of stigmatisation associated with rosacea had a negative impact on their mental health. Moreover, 48% have heard or been told by peers that ‘rosacea is not a serious skin condition’.

Rosacea Space is made up of individual submissions as part an interactive and immersive space, where participants and visitors can explore a collection that represents the diversity of rosacea and its impact. The space also offers visitors to learn more about the condition and empower skin positivity within the community and wider society.

To launch the awareness campaign, commissioned artists and online influencers suffering from rosacea will share their experiences and what rosacea means to them, along with words of motivation and positivity to the Rosacea Space.

To learn more about initiatives supported by Galderma click here and follow @rosacea_beyondthevisible on social media.

Article by
Fleur Jeffries

6th April 2022

From: Healthcare



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