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Generex publishes Oral-Lyn study

Generex has published the results of a Oral-lyn study in the Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics journal covering new technology and products for the treatment, monitoring, diagnosis and prevention of diabetes

Generex Biotechnology, a US developer of buccal drug delivery for metabolic diseases, has published the results of a Oral-lyn study in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, a peer-reviewed journal covering new technology and products for the treatment, monitoring, diagnosis and prevention of diabetes.

Oral-lyn buccal spray uses Generex's proprietary drug delivery technology, RapidMist, which administers medications directly into the mouth as a metered-dose spray, for rapid absorption by the buccal mucosa.

The study, entitled 'Comparison of Oral Insulin Spray and Subcutaneous Regular Insulin at Mealtime in Type 1 Diabetes' was led by Dr Jaime Guevara-Aguirre, Dr Marco Guevara-Aguirre, Dr Jeannette Saavedra, Dr Gerald Bernstein and Dr Arlan L Rosenbloom.

The results of the study showed that regular insulin and Oral-lyn had similar glucodynamic effects in subjects with type 1 diabetes receiving a twice-daily insulin analogue as baseline therapy.

Monitoring and baseline corrections with additional snacks, subcutaneous regular insulin or Generex Oral-lyn puffs resulted in glycaemic control as assessed by individual daily glycaemic responses, while normal pre-prandial glycation decreased, but not significantly.

Dr Gerald Bernstein, Generex's vice-president of medical affairs and a co-author of the article, said: "This publication is significant in that it shows consistently and clearly that equivalent amounts of Generex Oral-lyn and injected regular insulin will yield comparable blood glucose control."

Generex launched Oral-Lyn in South America in 2005.

16th August 2007


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