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PMLiVE launches its inaugural T40

Celebrates 40 creative agencies that have had an impact in the UK healthcare sector in 2018


PMLiVE has announced the launch of its innovative new product – T40 – a list of the top 40 creative agencies working on advertising, branding, creative and design projects in the UK healthcare sector.*

The T40 list aims to identify the creative agencies which have had the most impact in the UK healthcare sector in 2018. PMLiVE has been working to fill a knowledge gap identified by it’s readers by producing an annual publication dedicated to the top creative agencies currently working in the UK healthcare sector.

T40 allows decision-makers across the healthcare sector to quickly view and compare 2018’s top agency names. Agencies were drawn from a shortlist based on their standings in selected healthcare awards schemes, and from a number of sources including PMLiVE’s PMHub, in-house databases and other sources in the public domain.*

Over 90 agencies were contacted and invited to verify their details and add key information, to show readers and online users how their agency stands out from the rest.

Of those creative agencies that took part, only the top 40 made it onto this year’s list, reflecting the overwhelmingly positive impact they have had in the UK healthcare sector in 2018.

The data is displayed in a series of tables, which show some of the most impactful agencies working in the UK healthcare sector and how they compare in a number of different areas.

Just because an agency is not on the T40, this doesn’t mean that they have not made a significant contribution to the creative healthcare sector in 2018. The list is not a definitive guide, and PMLiVE encourages companies to always do their own research when looking for a creative partner.

The agencies which ranked at the top of the list may not be the right fit for all clients, and the smaller agencies may be better suited if a client is looking for a particular skillset. PMLiVE recommends scoping out all the T40 agency profiles, and combining this with your own research when comparing creative agencies!

In addition to the overall listing, there are top ten lists for:

  • Smaller agencies (less than 25 total staff)
  • Independent agencies
  • Young agencies (less than ten years old)
  • UK-focused agencies (approx 90-100% of their agency billings are from advertising, creative, design and branding projects in the UK healthcare sector)

How does it work?

The T40 is calculated from a number of sources, including information submitted by the agencies and data found in the public domain. The data is displayed in a series of tables, with online viewers also having the option to sort the data to see results based on the individual metrics.

These include awards, agency age, the number of staff, the number of staff dedicated to healthcare accounts, social media presence, total agency billings and UK creative healthcare billings.

Some metrics carry additional weight based on the percentage of an agency’s business that takes place in advertising, branding, creative and design projects within the UK healthcare sector. This reflects the aim of the T40 in celebrating those creative agencies that have had the most impact in the UK healthcare sector in 2018.

While the larger, more established agencies appear towards the top of the list, the individual agency profile pages showcase what the different agencies have to offer – after all, great things can come in small packages, and not every agency believes awards and expansion
are the best measures of success!

Consultancies specialising in healthcare PR and medical education were not asked to supply details for this year’s T40 listing – for more information on medical communications consultancies, please see Communiquéthe Communiqué Awards or browse through the PR, medical education and medical communications categories of PMHub.

Where can I find the T40?

This year’s T40 is available to view online now at

There will also be a print and digital edition of this year’s T40, which is set to land on desks and
in email inboxes in November. This will include further analysis of the agency data, thought leadership and comment – to secure a copy register online at

Full details of the methodology, metrics and criteria used to put this year’s T40 list together can be found online at

If there’s something you would like to see in future editions of the T40 or if you would like your agency to be included in next year’s list, please contact the team at

Congratulations to the top 10 overall:

  1. Havas Lynx Group
  2. McCann Health
  3. Syneos Health Communications
  4. The Creative Engagement Group
  5. Concentric Health Experience
  6. Four Health
  7. OPEN Health Patient & BrandCommunications
  8. VCCP Health
  9. DDB Remedy London
  10. RAPP Limited

Please see separate links for:

Top 10 smaller agencies

Top 10 independent agencies

Top 10 young agencies

Top 10 UK focused agencies

*PMLiVE does not recommend or approve any of the agencies on the T40 list and does not guarantee the validity of any of the data shown. The T40 is not a comprehensive list of all agencies working in this sector. Agencies not shown may be outside of the top 40, may have declined to participate or provide any data or PMLiVE may not have been aware of them.

9th October 2019

From: Marketing


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