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David Hunt and David Whittingham from Creative Lynx are in the driving seat on this month's ad reviews
David Hunt and David Whittingham - Creative LynxWith advertising budgets all over taking a hit, you can count on the collaborative efforts of government, the healthcare and public sectors to fill in the blanks with some hard-hitting public awareness campaigns. Creative Lynx has worked in these sectors for a long time and has seen a wide array of campaigns. In recent years such campaigns have transcended different channels, with new levels of creativity and impact. We've all grimaced at the drink-drive campaign featuring the guy's date being thrown around the bar, or the 'superhero' who thinks he can fly. The fact is, they make you sit up and take notice, which is just what a good campaign in this category should do, and which gives us the basis for our scoring system. So sit back, relax and take it all in.

Get Real, Get a Prescription – counterfeit medicines awareness

Get real, get a prescription - counterfeit medicines awareness


Venturing onto the big screen, this cinema commercial is a great example of the shock factor. Counterfeit medicines are a major concern, with many containing harmful ingredients. This is vividly portrayed when you see the ad to full effect, and the audience reaction says it all, particularly if they're scoffing their 'pick & mix' at the time. An effective ad, very memorable and well filmed. The website really supports the campaign with more detailed information for those left in any doubt. Pass the popcorn.
Lumbar support Lumbar support


They Won't Remember – Alzheimer's awareness

Powerful from the off, this TV awareness ad is one that doesn't fail to impact anyone who sees it. For those who have known someone who suffers from Alzheimer's, and even for those who haven't, it has a level of relevance. At some point in our lives we've all been close to someone who potentially could be affected by this debilitating condition and this ad certainly makes you stop and spare a thought for sufferers and their families. It manages to avoid being gratuitous or overly graphic in highlighting the harsh realities of the condition. A hard-hitting and powerful shocker — public awareness gold you won't forget.
They won't remember - Alzheimer's awareness

Standing ovation

Standing ovation – skin cancer awareness - Skin cancer awareness We were impressed with the viral and digital aspects of this campaign, which fully harnesses the media channels most relevant to its intended audience. Drawing in individuals with a fake campaign was an excellent method of highlighting the message to those most at risk; individuals most likely to ignore health warnings otherwise. The execution is excellent and the campaign has reported 1.5 million visits globally, which is no mean feat. There is the danger that visitors will be lost before reaching the campaign conclusion, however, the engaging experience should overcome this potential hurdle. One for the WAGs.
A couple of extra cushions A couple of extra cushions


ACT F.A.S.T – stroke awareness

As with all public awareness campaigns, a worthy message, but on this occasion, not one of our favourites. The campaign has a memorable message and, while the use of an acronym may be a bit clichéd in public awareness and action campaigns, it does aid message retention so we're happy to let them off this time. However, the campaign feels a little dated and in need of a special effects makeover for the 21st century. Also, the campaign has not been optimised for the different media channels, we feel. Not so special effects.
Act F.A.S.T - stroke awareness

A little laid back

A little laid back

Know Your Units – alcohol awareness

Know your units - alcohol awareness A wide-reaching campaign to address a major public issue. The alcoholic value of drinks and associated urban myths are a major public concern. This campaign raises public awareness in an appropriate tone with the target audience being engaged rather than accused, while the variety and interactive nature of the information on offer will undoubtedly facilitate message retention. The execution is also of a very high standard, integrating type with scenarios to produce a seamless visual. Anyone fancy a half?
A gentle lift A gentle lift

The Authors
David Hunt (left) is digital director and David Whittingham is healthcare director at Creative Lynx
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Ad Lib is a creative critique of healthcare ads and does not take into account the marketing objectives behind the campaigns reviewed.

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24th August 2009


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